Past Tense

The birthday has come and gone.  I’m officially a year older and wiser.  Well, the older part is correct at least.  It was very uneventful actually.  The roomie was out of town so I took the opportunity to catch up on several movies I’d been wanting to see. 

Cloverfield, In The Name of the King, and The Golden Compass.  The first two both decent movies but not epics by any stretch.  Imagine Cloverfield as the Blair Witch style filming of a Godzilla attack.  [1]I totally stole that quote from someone else.  In The Name of The King was a Jason Stathom flick.  Enough said really.  The Golden Compass was very well done.  I think I enjoyed it the most. 

Those 3 gems ate up most of the day.  I had a myriad of birthday texts, emails, phone calls, and web messages to respond too which was very nice.  I did get a couple of surprising emails.  Two ex’s whom I’m not overly close to both sent me B’day wishes. Who da thunk?   


I have a short week this week due to schedule change.  I can’t tell you how happy I am that the real Friday will be my Friday as well for awhile.  I’m still on swing swift but that is by choice. 


I’m trying to catch up on my blogroll.  Wish me luck. 


1 I totally stole that quote from someone else.

10 thoughts on “Past Tense”

  1. Happy birthday! You got see more movies in a weekend then I do in a year. Your ex’s sent you birthday cards? Well, I guess that is sweet, but never go backward!

  2. Moby…
    Happy belated birthday. I feel so rotten. Your BD is flagged on my Mac calendar but for whatever reason it was not alerted. (and I just checked it…it appears set correctly) Anyway…sounds like your day wasn’t too bad. Slowly but surely your creapin’ up on 40. LOL. It ain’t so bad. Hope all is well. Hug.

  3. Well, it was more like Godzilla with little, evil henchmen.

    Happy birthday though! You don’t look a day over 30…


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