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I decided to switch from Windows Live Writer back to Post2blog. WLW is nice and functions well but, I don’t care for all the extraneous code it adds to the posts. As usual Microsoft screws up a great product with overkill.

Post2blog isn’t as polished as WLW however, it gets the job done and offers a few extra nifty editing functions. Best of all, it doesn’t add more html code than necessary. Simple, functional and best of all, free!

3 thoughts on “Blog or Blog”

  1. That’s odd because with my posts on blogger, live writer doesn’t add any extra code. I pulled up a LW post I’d made in the default blogger interface to check and if anything it was more streamlined than a post made with the blogspot interface (no extra whitespace, no extra s, etc..). Maybe it’s just a difference in the blogger vs wordpress settings or something with your particular customization.

  2. Hey,

    I work on the Writer team. We don’t intend to junk up the HTML, so if you have specific examples of how we’re dropping extraneous junk in the HTML, we’d love to see if its something we can fix!



  3. I use WLW for my MSN Space (where I post my workouts). I like it fine…though I’m not doing anything exciting with it.

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