Dating Smating

TFA is back in town on Thursday.  Many of you have been banging down my door with questions about him.  He is doing fine.  Things have calmed down somewhat in his life.  However, we aren’t officially dating if you must know.  We still see each other as often as we did before but just as friends (w/benefits of course. lol)  I realized the importance of pulling back and letting him deal with his own issues.  In an odd way, we get along better now.  No expectations just the two of us enjoying the time we spend together. 

Where will it lead?  Fuck if I know.  I’m still very much into him but I have boundaries for myself now.  I realize he can’t meet my needs so I’m not stupid enough to try and pursue anything further.  I guess I’m content w/the way things are for now.  Kind of odd for me actually.  I always wanna fix things.  I’m learning some things can’t be fixed.  They have to resolve themselves in their own time.  We actually had a hiccup recently that I thought would come between us.  He surprised me greatly with his maturity surrounding the issue. 

I think TFA will always be in my life in some capacity.  We have a strong bond together and that isn’t something I encounter often.  Friend or more, it is a good thing.  Maybe he came into my life so I could grow.  Ok universe, I’m listening…

5 thoughts on “Dating Smating”

  1. You don’t really get to choose who you fall in love with, but you can choose who you love. At least you both know that a relationship isn’t possible, but you did figure it out before you lost a friendship. Everybody is in your life for a reason, you may not realize what that reason is until they are gone. Besides, he is kinda cute. Nothing wrong keeping him around, especially if there are benefits! LOL! (I am really not that superficial…or am I?)

    *hugs* I know it’s been a roller coaster with him for you. Enjoy your happy place to which you both have come.

  2. Its good to realize your boundaries in relationship thingies. And its definitely good to be content by taking what you can get… like TFA’s ASS!!!

  3. I feel you on the someone co ming into your universe so that you can grow. I’ve learned so much about myself and about life in general in my short time with the attorney.

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