Journal – 04.27.08

0845: Way too fucking early.  *rolls over and goes back to sleep*

1005: Vertical and moving.  Web, email, twitter, blog, etc.  The carpet is not quite so attractive today.  That is a good sign. 

1045: Call of Duty 4.  Starting over in hard mode. 

1105: Need food.  Time for one more game.

1210: Must. Have. Food.

1400: Food over blogging, blogroll, twitter.  Chix w/tators.  Ran into a buff hottie who wants a ride. 

1530: Bearbucks, teasing the bears.  Also installing software I probably don’t need.

1700: Gym. Arm day.  The Brannan gym is so much nicer.   Too bad everyone else agrees.  The porny boys are out in force, must be a shoot coming up.

2030:  Debating bb’s or manhunt. 

2100: bb’s won. 

2330:  I should have stayed home.  Sucked and not in a good way. 

2425: Tivo

2 thoughts on “Journal – 04.27.08”

  1. sigh … why are all the friends in need of benefits so far away? *smirk* better luck next time, handsome!

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