Confuscious Say…

My little post yesterday set off a shit storm of emails.  Sorry, I forget sometimes my reader base is constantly changing. 

The long term readers knew what I meant however, I got a ton of confused emails over the NSFW post.  Yes, I restrict the more explicit parts of blog.1  Mainly, as family and coworkers sometimes stumble over it.  Frankly, I don’t care to share my exploits with them.

If you care to see such things, you have to register NOT subscribe.  Subscribing just shoots you an email when I update.  Once, you’ve introduced yourself, I’m happy to boost your access level.  Click the lower left link marked "login/register".

Be warned, your universal WordPress login will not work (yet).  I’m looking at some plugins that might change that.  However, you can recreate the same user/password to keep it simple.  I know, "God, what a hassle" right?  Well them’s the breaks, suck it up if you want access to the nitty gritty. *g* 

So there you have it.  The grand scheme revealed.  Nothing so exciting as many of you inquired.  Just a modicum of restriction.  No, I’m not doing porn.2 No, I’m not ashamed, I’m just not stupid.  No, I’m not telling hidden stories about other bloggers.3

Again, sorry for the confusion.  In my defense, I am 37 now.  They say the memory is first to go.  (shaddup Brett)

  1. There is more explicit? Yes, a shocker huh? []
  2. that one made me laugh []
  3. Good lord, some of you need to get out more. []