Weekend In Review IV

What did I do this weekend? [1]besides being a pig.   I ended up playing Uno w/Brettcajun on the Xbox.  I can advise Brett is just as competitive at playing Uno as is at tennis. lol  He was determined to play till he got a couple wins under his belt.  He did finally.  I introduced him to a couple of my XBL [2]Xbox Live buddies.  One, from the UK and one from Boston.  It was fun.  I love Uno and playing with friends is even better.  Most of all, I loved watching Brett squirm.  I also knocked off a few games w/my buddy kristaki.  He got served on Call of Duty 4.  heehee

I also caught up on a lot of Tivo. [3]Oh yes, I was very productive  New stuff, I had 5 Battlestar Galactica, 3 Dr Who, and 5 South Park episodes.  Reruns, I had 5 ST: Voyager and 4 Stargate: Atlantis episodes.  BG is good but a bit extreme if you ask me.  They are really trying to go out with a bang.  Dr Who is constantly evolving.  I don’t like the new sidekick as much but she is growing on me.  I hope they bring Rose back.  South Park was, well South Park. lol

I was a dirty pig more than a few times to say the least.  Details forthcoming.

TFA isn’t feeling so well this week.  He had a crown replaced and had some severe pain afterwards.  Of course, the dentist office was closed over the weekend.  I felt so bad for him having to fly all over creation with a sore tooth.  Seems he is a bit better today if not a little worn out.  He always teases me because I always say my weekends are "uneventful".  lol 

Oh, I also moved all my pics over from picasa to flickrflickr has become just so damn handy, I couldn’t resist.  I inadvertently left some safety settings open though and got an stern scolding email.  Ooops.  All the tweaking, sorting, and labeling was a bit tedious but would been regardless of what I was using.  I didn’t realize how many damn pics I had to sort thru.  I’ve only uploaded a fraction so far.  Overall, I’m happy w/flickr but I still don’t like the idea of someone else controlling my data.  I can always delete’em if I don’t like it. 

Tomorrow, I have to be up at daylight thirty as I’m teaching again this week.  Thankfully, I had a hard ass workout today and feeling a bit sleepy.  I’m still gonna be dead on my feet come 1700 hours.  Oy!


1 besides being a pig.
2 Xbox Live
3 Oh yes, I was very productive

7 thoughts on “Weekend In Review IV”

  1. What kind of hassles were you getting on flickr? Other than putting nekkid stuff under the “Friend/Family viewers only” setting, I dunno of any.

    As for Donna, what I like about her is that she gives hell to the Dr. where the others don’t so I like her spunkiness that way.

  2. I’ll never understand the popularity of Rose Tyler. As a companion, Martha Jones was superior to Rose in all regards. She was smarter, better looking, and frankly just more interesting. I have to say though that Donna Noble, the newest companion, is growing on me too. She’s got potential.

    So, I’ve gotten my DW geek on and it is barely 8AM? And No coffee yet!

  3. I am listening to “I’ve Never Been to Me” as I am reading your post. First of all, I didn’t understand that Wizard card thingee on Xbox UNO and I was constantly bitch slapped with the Challenge button when I didn’t click the “X” to call “UNO”. Once I finally learned those lessons, I was the competitive MOFO you come to expect. Cracking knuckles. And by the way, I BLUFFED a lot. The End Justified the Means! EVIL GRIN. >:)

  4. You like Voyager? Well, nobody’s perfect.

    I could have liked Martha, but Freema Agyeman is a horrible talentless actress. Billie Piper is far and away better at everything. I like Donna so far, if only because she’s not in love with the Doctor.

  5. oh poop. i wish i was online to play uno with you guys. we were busy rocking out on rock band. if you see me on Live, don’t be a stranger!

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