Someone has repeatedly been trying to hack my calendar site.  I got a notice from my ISP a couple months back regarding an intrusion attempt on my calendar’s RSS feed.  I disabled that.  Today, I discovered a new ics file loaded into my calendar directory.  It was incorrectly formatted so the program wouldn’t run it.  However, a quick perusal of the base file showed a redirect command.  I googled the redirect site and it came back as a trojan.

Annoyed with the apparent software vulnerabilities, I nixed the entire program.  I did export my data file into Gcal (google’s version) beforehand.  As fates would have it, there is a nifty plug in for Thunderbird that lets me update and modify the Gcal version just as easily as I did my original.

Not than anyone really cares about my schedule…

7 thoughts on “Hack”

  1. Actually, it was me. I need to know your schedule… I must know what you are doing every day. Otherwise I can’t go on because my life is so boring. I will get it right next time and you will rue the day.

    Go on, start ruing!

  2. Actually it was me, using my awesome mind control to force these others patsies to try out my world lunch domination schedule…

    next time they will succeed!

  3. Liars. they’re ALL Liars. It was ME ME ME. And it ain’t lunch that I’m thinkin bout. Just sayin.

    Of COURSE we care Moby. We have no life of our own!!!

  4. I was trying to sync everyone’s calendars together all over the world… I was looking for a free moment to book a meeting with everyone. 😉

  5. It seems that someone did that to me as well…I just deleted an .ics file that was labeled wwww_.ics and of course it wasn’t working, no wonder nobody could access the calendar. I nixed it as well. Now, can i do googles gcal and ical and make them work together? Hmmm…

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