Warmth & Woe

Frank & Adam

The weekend was awesome right up till the end. [1]Well, the end of my weekend which is Monday. As I already mentioned, my buddy Frank from Phoenix gave me a surprise visit. It was great to see and catch up with him over the weekend. On top of that, Adam & Brad made the move to SF from Dallas. They are currently in the moving “deadspot”. [2]The time between when you arrive and your furniture gets delivered. I was happy to have them over and get’em out of the empty apt.

Adam & Brad

We all went to see Sex and the City on Sunday. If you liked the series, you will love the movie. It starts off very shallow and empty and ends w/some very strong messages about life. You’ll laugh, you’ll giggle, you’ll cry. **Spoiler Alert** There is one scene that was a bit of a surprise. Samantha (my role model) was battling a particular vulnerable moment of naughtiness during which they actually showed her nemesis cock. Granted it was very quick and a bit blurred however, I was shocked they actually showed it. Maybe this Country is moving away from their unnatural fear of male genitalia. [insert girlish giggle here]


As the day was rolling to an end, I got a bit of bad news. My younger brother had a mild MI [3]heart attack. Yes, I said my younger brother. He is only 27 however, he has had a horrible horrible diet for years. He had been suffering pain in his chest and left arm for several days before finally deciding to take his ass to the hospital. The night before his arm actually turned a little blue which is a bad sign.

Being more than a little hard-headed I panicked. My little bro tends to avoid problems when he is scared. Knowing his temperament, I was prepared to hop on a plane and fly home to make sure he stayed at the hospital for treatment. My older brother beat me to the punch by driving down from Kansas. I slept horrible last night and was up and on the phone at 6:00am this morning. [4]You can imagine my mood today.



As I write this my little brother is being released. They didn’t find a clot but believe it may have cleared on its own. They gave him some blood pressure meds and aspirin. I’m more than a little relieved.


1 Well, the end of my weekend which is Monday.
2 The time between when you arrive and your furniture gets delivered.
3 heart attack.
4 You can imagine my mood today.

11 thoughts on “Warmth & Woe”

  1. OK I get what you meant in your Pownce message.

    Just finally able to plug the laptop in (need to get my sister a wireless router) and catch up.

    I trust your l’il bro is improving and continues to improve.

    Will be keeping you in my thoughts….

    Big squeeze…

  2. It’s good to see you helping your friends get settled. Moving is such a bitch. I hope your brother gets to feeling better soon.

    Perhaps this little scare may inspire him to change his diet? For some people it is difficult to change a life time of habits. I wish him well.

    You look exhausted. I hope you get some good sleep. Take care and try and relax with the family.

  3. Glad that you’re there to welcome The Boys to the ‘hood. Enjoy! Friends close by are always a good time…..well, nearly.

  4. Wow, Sounds like you had a roller coaster of a weekend.. Glad your little brother is ok. Maybe this will be a wake up call for him to eat better. Hope your friends get settled in.. Never been to SF, because I am sure I would love it and not want to leave.:) Hope you have a good week…

  5. I can’t get my head around the fact of a kid in his 20’s having a heart attack. I hope he takes this experience to re-examine his eating and (presumably) exercising habits.
    Hope he mends well and wisely.

  6. Very scary about your brother, but glad he’s okay. Man that just frightens me to no end, he’s so young!

  7. My heart goes out to you and your family man. Between your older brother’s accident and now your younger brother, I am sure you are a bit worried about the rest of your family with the curse of the 3’s. *hugs* & *tugs*

  8. I was about to add a comment about your visit to SATC then saw the end, about your little brother. I hope he’s getting better fast! What life can’t surprise us with…

    Now back to SATC, really unless someone is *totally* unfamilar with the show, it’s hardly a spoiler to reveal that Samantha sees a cock. LOL. I did have the same reaction as you.

  9. Sorry to hear about your brother. That should be a heads up for me.
    You are a good host. Adam posted about you offering up pillows.;) I knew you had a sweet ass.
    That was some cock even at a passing glance.

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