Get Over It Already

I know you are probably sick of hearing about my drama w/TFA but I’m still struggling w/my feelings so you get to suffer w/me.

We aren’t together anymore in the sense of dating however, we still see each other about as much if not more than we did before.  He and I both realize it just isn’t meant to be right now. 

That said, every time we talk and share intimacy I find it hard to get my head into the proper perspective again.  I want more damn it.  I know I can’t have it and it is driving me fraking nuts.  I also can’t help wondering if that is what’s making me want him more.  I don’t like being denied.  At ALL!  I know, color your surprised right?  It is a character flaw I’ve been aware of for years. [1]Remind me to tell you that story one day.  Juicy but so not my best moment  So I find myself mulling over my feelings trying to decide is it true desire or just being denied that keeps throwing my id into chaos.

I don’t have an answer yet.  Like I said, I’m just kicking it around in my head trying to figure it out.


1 Remind me to tell you that story one day.  Juicy but so not my best moment

3 thoughts on “Get Over It Already”

  1. *smack* Now, snap out of it! 😀

    J/k… it takes time as you already know, and it’s never meant to be easy, so don’t be too hard on yourself. And you will never know where this will end up, right? So keep your chin up and show us more photos of yours.

  2. Well, you can’t force it. Actually you ‘can’ but that never ends in a good way.

    Put yourself out there and find someone who IS available, ok?

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