Is anyone else tired of hearing about the iphone?  Whoopee, so what you are buying a 2nd generation phone that should have been a 1st generation phone.  I’ll grant you it’s ‘purdy.  It still only does half the shit my Wing does. [1]Shhhh, don’t tell Adam, they went out and got one each today.  I was absolutely shocked (read tickled pink) when I read today Apple deliberately limited sales thru shitty Cingular  ‘the new AT&T’ stores.  For a company that totes their iphone as "the best new invention of the millennium", they sure are going to a lot of effort.  One would think a product that good would sell itself.  I’m just sayin’.


The 4-day weekend is coming to a close.  I didn’t do a thing.  Probably a good thing as I wasn’t overly chipper at wasting a long weekend.  Surprisingly, all of my other friends were busy. (Doesn’t it always work out that way? lol)

Friday was a blur.  I did get a few chores done.  Beyond that, most of the day was spent catching up on Tivo and playing Darkness on the 360. 

Saturday, I drug myself out of the house to go see Hellboy II.  Overall, I enjoyed it.  The CGI and cinematography was excellent.  I ended up running into roblog, Chuck and their friend Jeff.  They, like fools, sat with me.  The movie started late so we amused ourselves by geeking out and torturing Chuck in the process.  Anyway, if you liked the first one you’ll like this one.  The only part I didn’t like was the comedic banter.  They added a tad too much in my opinion.  It took away from the plot development. 

Today, I expected to wait around most of the day waiting on Comcast again. [2]They had to come back out to fix the problem they were supposed to fix last time. Imagine my surprise when they showed up on time.  I made it to the gym and got a good arm workout in.  The only other noteworthy occurrence was a hottie who normally ignores me said hello.  It was kinda odd.  The guy almost always seems to avoid me.  Of course, afterwards I wondered what exactly had changed.  Drove me nuts. 

Tomorrow, I’m supposed to meet w/the tattoo guy to talk about my new tattoo.  I’m almost finished with the design.  I need some ideas from him for filler hence, the meeting.  This guy is probably fed up with me by now but he hides it well. lol 

How was your weekend?


1 Shhhh, don’t tell Adam, they went out and got one each today.
2 They had to come back out to fix the problem they were supposed to fix last time.

11 thoughts on “i-whatever”

  1. You said so yourself that iPhone 3G is what the original iPhone should have been.

    Most people waiting in line to upgrade already had iPhones based on my observations.

    In fact, I was seriously on the fence whether or not to upgrade. After all, there wasn’t anything wrong with my current phone, but here’s what sold me: to be able to talk on the phone and use data services at the same time.

    Also the fact that iPhone OS 2.0 has already been jailbroken so then I’d be able to use it as a tethered modem for my MacBook Pro.

    I gave up my Sprint EvDO card earlier this month.

    So while it may look like a bunch of materialistic queens sheepishly running out to tithe their money away to the Church of Jobs, understand the fact that there’s sometimes a good and logical reason for doing so.

    Besides, I gave my old phone to my partner. He’d been envying mine for the past year, and I offered to buy him one, but he swore he didn’t need it. The guy hasn’t set it down for more than 10 minutes since Saturday. Gotta love it.


  2. Yeah, I’m quite tired about hearing about the iPhone. I fully understand people and their new gizmo toys when they’re brand-spankin’-new but it gets old quickly. I’ve still got no plans for getting one anytime in the near future. All the bells and whistles are currently not needed by me and I can’t see spending the money on getting one and switching cell companies. My trusty old Motorola Razor and Verizon Wireless is all I need right now.

  3. never one to run around screaming “I got one” I like my (original) iPhone. However, I don’t believe iPhoners are any better or worse than the “wii” people…lord, if I hear one more conversation about how great peoples lives are now that they have a wii, i’ll puke. Because simulated activity is so much better than real activity. And do people think wii invented exercise?

    whew, i’m done…

  4. The Apple has not whored itself on me, yet. I’m definitely not a big fan….but have been doing my fair share of looking and reading.

  5. i would not have chosen to get the iphone, but the boss gave ‘um as christmas gifts (he used the amex points accumulated on the card to buy ‘um). i like mine, but don’t love it. it’s missing some key things i really want: for one, being able to attach photos to texts, or even RECEIVE ‘um. as it is now, you get a stupid message with a website you have to go to and a login and password thats usually something like: wErc4i7jq0d…some random combo that is tough as all hell to type in. and then the photo is small and not even on your phone. it bites. have no plans to upgrade now…i’m gonna wait until they add cooler stuff next time around. because you KNOW they are…hehehe.

  6. You have to admit that Apple is smart on that marketing strategies though. Limit the number of the products and create a hype that everybody wants it. Thanks for the word about Hellboy 2. Now I think I will go to see it.

  7. Can you hum a tune into your Wing and have it identify the song your singing? Hmmmmm? Can ya, can ya? 😛

    Whine all you want bitches, I love my iPhone!! W00t!

    @thisboyelroy I doubt such a feature would even work for me. My warble could crack glass.

  8. adam: are all those new apps usable on the older iphones? most of the apps said you had to upgrade to version 2.0, but i didn’t know if the original iphone even upgrades to that. wanna wanna wanna….

  9. thanks, dustin! i did the update, then my laptop battery went dead while the iphone was in the end part of whatever it was doing. i’m hoping when i plug the laptop in when i get home and plug the phone into it, it fixes it all. hope. hope. HOPE!

  10. Yep sick of hearing about the iPhone. That’s all they seem to talk about at gizmodo. I myself don’t need that many bells and whistles on a phone. I barely use the one I have at 300 mins a month.

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