Just Wrong

I’m pretty free spirited and lord knows I have an open mind when it comes to sex.  Tonight, I stumbled over a profile on Manhunt I felt crossed the line, even for me.  There are a lot of strange fetishes in the gay community and even more so online.  But there are certain things I can’t and won’t tolerate.

The guy basically started out ranting with claims about being a real man, masculine, blah blah blah.  Nothing new there, pretty much the same boring fodder as usual.  Then he launches into a speech about mind trips, power, and domination.  *yawn* 

Now comes the part that pissed me off.  He is only looking for negative guys he can dominate and attempt to infect.  He goes on to imply it is the only true form of power and control.  Call it a sick neurosis, a inferiority complex, whatever, it’s fucking wrong.

There are a lot of things I will tolerate but I draw the line at deliberately trying to infect people with HIV.  HIV may not be the death sentence in Western culture it used to be but people are still fucking dying.  More disturbing, the rate of infections in younger gays is on the rise again.  To see some sick fuck with a twisted need to satisfy his limp-dick inferiority complex trying to convince people HIV is glamorous is beyond reprehensible. 

I reported his ass to the admins. [1]It takes about 24 hours usually for complaints to be reviewed.  I also added a note if they allow such a profile to exist, they will lose me as a customer.  I didn’t make it as threat but to make a point.  In the event his profile doesn’t get nixed (I think it will), I’ll go one step further and break one of my cardinal rules about privacy.  I’ll post his profile info here and encourage every single reader to email Manhunt to complain. 

*Update* – The profile was removed when I woke up today.


1 It takes about 24 hours usually for complaints to be reviewed.

14 thoughts on “Just Wrong”

  1. not only am i in full agreement – and you know that you and I share that open mind when it comes to sex – this is nothing less than premeditated behaviour.

    completely unacceptable….

    recently in Canada a man was sentenced to jail for having unprotected sex (as a top) with another man and NOT telling the bottom he was HIV+

    2 things about this annoyed me – #1 that the bottom didn’t think to ask before he gave up his ass and #2 that the top dude didn’t say anything —-

    so as far as i am concerned – both “bare” the brunt of the responsibility and yet only one is going to jail…..

    yet to fully state that your goal is to infect – all i have to say to that is FUCK YOU!

    ok so fine you got infected – deal with it – you made choices – there are consequences — if you are upset or angry about it — deal with it yourself – not by spreading your ANGER and HIV….

    hopefully by just deleting what i had just typed – karma will be good to me and bad to him…..

  2. Could be just a sick fantasy that he has no intention of acting on. I’d guess it violates the site’s TOS, however.

  3. I agree with you completely and I commend you for saying something. This cavalier attitude that many have toward HIV is alarming. I’ve seen a lot in my day, and I’ve attempted to understand most of it, but I do not get these guys that are trying to infect others nor do I understand those that are “bug chasers” – those wanting to make the “ultimate sacrifice” for love.

    You absolutely did the right thing. Kudos to you.

  4. Those admins at Manhunt throws up more profiles that blatantly break their own “standards” than I care to count, but this one does take the cake for being so bald-faced about intent. Yet if my profile featuring Baby Jesus Fetus on a Stick(c) can get trashed, this piece of shiat will definitely get kicked to the curb…

    …for now.

  5. I thought you were going to mention the casual racism on Manhunt (especially against Asians – WTF is that about?), but this is even more mind boggling. I don’t understand the point of Manhunt requiring admin approval before a profile update goes live if they simply let stuff like this through. Definitely keep us updated.

  6. Hey Moby

    Yeah Its Best to say something against such Moraly wrounge thing to do.I’m Glad you Spoke out..So Strongly..

  7. So, how did people lose sight of the fact that HIV is a just a disease, not too dissimilar from influenza, and not a lifestyle? I don’t think I’ve ever seen a personal ad spouting “I’m feverish, weak, and coughing like crazy. Come over and let me sneeze in your face to pass along my germs!” Likewise, there doesn’t seem to be a culture of people who are rooting through trash cans and smearing used tissues in their faces. (Wow, there’s a mental image for you – wonder if shoving that in the face of people looking to get positive would change their minds?).
    Yes, I’m aware that HIV has hit the gay community early and hard, but I also don’t think that stressing that it’s a virus places blame or a stigma on those who have it.

    @JoeInMI Blame is society’s way of dealing with a problem they do not understand. They react out of fear and ignorance dissimulating the problem actually exists.

  8. I’ve seen deliberate profiles just for this. I think his screen name was “thegifter”. I thought, that is just fucking wrong! Of course I have seen and talked to guys who are bottoms who are wanting to become HIV on purpose as well. = Not sure the reasoning behind this, either they are looking to get it just so they don’t have to worry about it anymore or who knows maybe it’s something as stupid as thinking it’s the perfect diet idea. Either way, they are messed up in the head. It’s not fun, why would anyone deliberately want to be infected.

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