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I finally caught up on all my emails.1  Most of the public comments are those in agreement with me.  Well except for that crazy Cajun, Brett.2 However, I got a slew of private emails representing the contrary opinion.  Folks, you are welcome to disagree with me anytime.  My only request is and has always been that you be respectful.  Most of you do that consistently.  I never nix contrary opinions just because you disagree.  You don’t have to worry about attacks here either.  I don’t tolerate that at all.  We can all talk w/o resorting to name calling.  Well, here on my blog we can.  Anyway, I think I replied to everyone’s private email.  If I didn’t, so sowwie but the fingers are tired.


I guess in my last post I wasn’t very clear.  I don’t expect to put ManHunt out of business.  Please.  They are a global company.  My little drop in the bucket won’t mean much in the grand scale of things. That said, I can’t knowingly support someone who doesn’t support me.  I don’t care if it is a "trashy hookup site", as Brett calls it. 

And frankly, it isn’t about the money.  The guy is making a very profitable living off of gay men.  To donate to the McCain campaign is a slap in the face and hypocritical.   I also don’t expect him to be some moral compass, whatever the fuck that is.  I do expect as someone who makes his living primarily off gay men he won’t support political candidates who consistently vote to keep us 2nd class citizens.

I am proud to say quite a few of my readers have nixed their accounts.  I can count at least 30 folks I know first hand who have done so.  The scandal hasn’t even hit mainstream media yet.  If enough of us make a statement Manhunt will have to deal with it. 

  1. I guess politics rates right under porn for hot topics. []
  2. Cajuns, by nature, are never afraid to speak up.  We also aren’t afraid to speak back. []

11 thoughts on “For My Next Trick…”

  1. I also in no way, shape or form expect the withdrawl of my activity on to have any effect on said site, however, it does have an effect on me and my thoughts/feelings towards those that would knowingly continue to use, and as such support the beliefs of those that would support McCain.

    There are many other trashy hookup sites out there that you can use as an avenue to take care of your needs that will and do support those causes that not only support the “community” (fuck I hate that word but it works here) but more importantly, will NOT support; financially, no matter how small in comparison, anyone one, group or organisation that would strive to ensure that homosexuals remain “2nd class citizens.”

  2. There is an interesting article abut manhunt in Septembers OUT magazine… there are more reasons to boycott Manhunt than their political contributions.

    @Matthew I read it and partially agree. While the author makes some good points about getting lost in “instant gratification” mentality online. He makes way too many incorrect assumptions. The growth of online “hookups” or not is more a symptom than a cause of the root problem, IMHO.

  3. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not the cruising that bothers me (I personally love instant gratification)… it is the decline of gay businesses, neighborhoods, etc… one of the points made was that more money is paid to Manhunt than to HRC and NGLTF. I don’t agree with the articles moralizing, but I do agree that manhunt is adding to the decline of gay culture.

  4. Oh Mr. Moby – did I fail to see a post or did you not realize you have a quarter-page headshot in the Chronicle today? LOL I do on occasion leaf through the hardcopy news.

    @Pete Ssssh! Yes, I saw it on the web and in print. Good lord, did they have to use such a dorky pick

  5. Diversity extends far beyond mere sexual orientation, opinion and choices. I can’t expect people to accept me if I in return don’t offer the same freedom that I want. I won’t condemn anyone because they chose to contribute to something I don’t agree with. If I did, there would a myriad of services and products I wouldn’t purchase based on my own set of beliefs and morals.

    Boycott whatever you want, and i commend anyone who makes that choice. Honestly, i don’t think it makes that much of a difference.

    Diversity… its everywhere, even places you may not want it to be. if you disagree with the GOP agenda, there other significant ways to make a difference? Manhunt seems like “small beans” to a much larger global/human rights issue.

    As far as manhunt goes… isn’t craigslist pretty much the same thing, but for free?

    @Chris Maybe you could email me directly to explain how you see this as a diversity issue. blogs {at} sfmoby {dot} us. Not financially supporting a hypocrite doesn’t fall under my definition of diversity. As for MH and Craigslist, worlds apart. lol

  6. @ chris

    it should make a difference to you as an individual — i do not think this is about a “global” movement but rather a challenge to each person to decide where their own standards do lie.

  7. Where were all you “political activists” during the AOL heyday?

    Seriously, smiting someone because they don’t agree with you on EVERY issue seems a little socialist to me.

    @Jeff If not supporting someone who makes his living EXCLUSIVELY off of me and then turns and supports a candidate who wants to keep me a borderline criminal in society is being a Socialist, sign me up!

  8. Let me get this straight: If I catch Moby making a donation to a someone “I” think is doing something bad to me, I should boycott 911?

    Think about this: Isn’t “negative” $ contribution the same as “positive” contributions (and is there a contribution limit)?

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