In Need

One of my regular reader’s, Rich, is going thru a bad patch right now dealing with a friend who is chronically ill from advanced AIDS.  Whether you read him or not, please take a moment to click over and wish him well. 

If anyone out there has never watched a loved one die from HIV, I envy you.  Most of us have seen it many times over.  The agony, despair, and utter helplessness can be overwhelming. 

There are times when we need to step outside our day-to-day bubble and reach out to someone in need.  This is one of those times. 

2 thoughts on “In Need”

  1. Moby: I completely agree to “reach out to someone in need”! It speaks well of Rich and his friend that they too the time and gas to go up to see him. I am one who has not seen anyone die of Aids, which has to be one of the cruelest infections around!

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