I’ve gotten several emails, comments, inquiries as of late regarding my lack of blogging.  Besides being extremely busy at work, the simplest answer is I just haven’t felt like it.  It seems to be a trend as I’ve noticed many of my regular reads have slacked off lately as well. 

For my part, I’ve always catered to the idea that blogging shouldn’t be forced.  Forcing it often leads to resentment which defeats the whole purpose, IMHO.  Never fear, I haven’t given up and this blog is NOT closing, not even close.  I still have tons to say and lord knows I have an opinion about everything.

On the flip side, I’ve met several new people thru my blog as of late.  Not 1, not 2 but 3 guys have come forward as regular readers who rarely comment but wanted to meet.  The first guy has apparently been reading for years and only just recently decided to see if I was up for meeting.1  We had dinner and got to know each other a bit.  He got to see my tattoo the very same day I got it.  Anyway, dinner was nice and I enjoyed it.  The 2nd guy was totally looking to get laid.2  The 3rd was a bit odd.  I got the distinct impression he was testing to see if my blog was real.  His questions sounded more like accusations than interest.  He seemed to give up at one point after several “discrepancies” he pointed out were nothing more than perception.  I was secretly amused at his persistence and annoyance that he couldn’t trip me up.  He also discovered how blunt I can be when he asked questions I felt were inappropriate.  I doubt he’ll continue to read.

I’m always curious as to what inspires someone to come forward to meet after waiting so long.  I see myself as a very approachable and clearly I have no problem being open.  The irony here is I often get way more private emails than I do posted comments.  In talking with other blog buddies, I seem to the exception vs the rule in this arena.  I still haven’t figured it out but it doesn’t really matter.  I’m still flattered every time someone new “pops up”.  I don’t see my life as all that exciting to be honest.  But having grown up in the middle of nowhere TX, I can relate on the perceptual differences.  lolol 

  1. He lives locally []
  2. I obliged him several times. *EG* []

9 thoughts on “Blog?”

  1. I can only speak for myself,but I read regularly….typically with comment, but sometimes without. Don’t forget us oldies. As for how much you post, who cares. It’s your life and site. Giant holiday hugs…hope it’s a great holiday for you, Moby.

  2. I am so glad you brought up this subject. Boy, have I felt like putting my foot up your ass for the sheer blog laziness!

    What I DO enjoy about your blog is that you share your personal thoughts and feelings on things. I enjoy the sordid exploits too. While many bloggers just rehash and talk about what is trendy on the current news cycle, it is nice to see the human touch you give.

  3. I think it’s the season. Many bloggers are taking some time off, hopefully to rest ad to regenerate. I sometimes feel anxious if I haven’t posted anything in a few days, but i don’t have as many readers so I’m slowly convincing myself that I don’t have to post all the time.

    So post when and if you feel like it. It’s your blog.

  4. You know what? You blog when you blog! It’s not a big deal – stuff happens, you don’t feel like it, or you simply don’t want to – it’s all good.

    I find myself posting little bloglettes and stuff from YouTube when I get to being lazy – who cares? Just do what you feel it right – the rest will follow.

    And as for the nit-pickers – Phhfffsssssssst!

  5. Hey!, you never said that sex was a possibility, Lol – is this fringe benefit of blogging very common?… 😉

    @SFBamBam ~ You already have a hubby, remember? heehee

  6. I read your blog because Brett does, and I’m trying to be just like him.
    And I like your facial hair.
    Not to mention the fact that now I HAVE to keep reading in order to see what your tattoo ends up looking like.

  7. I don’t know why I read, and have done for a long time. Others come and go, but I keep you in my favorites. I guess it’s because you seem open and honest and funny and sexy and real. But then, I was also a follower of Cooper, and you know how THAT ended…jeezum.

    @tom ~ well you just have to come meet me in person so you’ll know for sure I’m real. heehee

  8. So all I have to do to get laid, I mean see your tat, is contact you and go to dinner? Wow things are sure different here in South Texas, SF sounds better and better

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