Charity Begins At Home

I’ve kept something under wraps for awhile but I’m almost ready to launch and I thought I’d share it with you first. 

I am starting a non-profit organization.  While not overly difficult to setup, it is a bit tedious.  Basically, I want to take old and used electronics and either refurbish them for the poor or make sure they get sent to a proper recycling center.  In the beginning, I plan to focus on computers, laptops, and cell-phones.  Depending on the success rate, I may incorporate more items later down the road.

It is no secret I’m a bit of a techno geek.  I’m routinely sought out by co-workers and friends to help with their gadget woes.  I often find the technologically-challenged resort to buying newer hardware because of a lack of understanding when things go wrong.  Well, the old gadgets often end up in landfills, benefitting no one.  There are thousands of less fortunate families that could use your old, last-seasons gadget of choice.  In the event the device is beyond or not worth repair, it should be recycled properly.  Many electronic gadgets contain trace amounts (sometimes more) of very poisonous chemicals and compounds that end up in our drinking water when not disposed of properly.  Plus many of the internal components can be broken down and recycled.  There is a center just over in Sonoma county heavily involved in recycling electronics and I plan to work with them. 

My goal is simple.  Act as a conduit between those who have and those who don’t.  I’d originally thought of going it alone but one of my co-workers is heavily involved in charitable work with the homeless here in SF.  She was very excited about my idea and welcomed me into her org.  I’m still looking at the pros/cons, but either way I plan on doing it. 

So, if you  have any old computers, laptops, PDA’s, and/or cell-phones lying around collecting dust, dig’em out and send’em my way.  Leave a comment and I will send you a mailing address.  The items as well as the shipping costs are tax deductible.  I’m also working on setting up a webpage to accept donations to cover operating costs.  I figure why not harness the ability of social networks for something other than porn and junk? lol

4 thoughts on “Charity Begins At Home”

  1. Very Cool Moby, there are a few places around here that do the same, and distribute the recycled puters to low income families at area schools.

  2. It surely is a great idea. As a matter of the fact, you can make good money out of recycle the precious metals out of the circuit boards, etc. There are some start-up companies doing that already and you might be able to start your own business like that as well.

  3. Moby: Great idea! I have a couple of cellphones lying around and an old cordless phone. Why dispose when recycling is an option?

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