It is amazing what a kind word to a stranger can do. I’ve mentioned here more than a few times that I try to do random acts of kindness.

Today, as I was showering off at the gym an older guy came in. He’s a regular and had been missing for over a few months. I’d seen him a while back and he didn’t look good. He’d obviously had some sort of medical episode and was recovering. While he has always been on the very lean side,  he looked like he’d put on a bit of muscle on his upper body. His skin had gained that healthy glow again and he basically was looking good.

I told him his upper body was looking good and he’d obviously been working hard. I swear, you could tell he almost started crying. You could see the admiration and gratitude in his face and his voice as he thanked me  repeatedly.

Just something so little and slight to me made someone’s day. You could see it put him in a better mood. And I should hope I look as good as he does at his age. He is probably mid to late 50’s and clearly takes care of his body. Anyway, do a random act of kindness today, this week, or just once a week every week. It may seem trivial and pointless but to the people on the receiving side, I’d bet money they see it a lot differently!

Oh, and you should be logged in. 🙂




I had such a good time at the annual Boys with Balls charity. It’s a bowling adventure filled with around 300+ shirtless gay men. How could it not be fun?! Anyway, I got a lot of attention this year. I guess the new muscle mass is working. Seriously, I was a bit surprised how many random guys flirted with me this year. I mean you can’t go to an event like this and not flirt w/someone but it was still very nice and a pleasant surprise.

I’m a huge flirt, no surprise there. One guy I had flirted with (but had never seen before in my life) came up behind me in the bathroom and basically sniffed me all over. He did other stuff too but that is a bit off topic. lol I bring it up because while he was grabbing me, I caught a glance of myself in the mirror. With him standing behind me, I had more objective view of my body size and shape. I was pleased. I’m really developing an appreciation for my new size and look. As I shift further and further away in my mind from the old me to the current me, I’m getting happier with how I look. I’m proud of how much work I’ve put into it and glad I can objectively learn to appreciate the results.

I kept running into this shorter hot scruffy guy that I’ve always had the hots for. I literally ran into him. Recognizing it was him, I took advantage of the happenstance and kept “bumping” into him all night. We both laughed and had fun with it. I was totally flattered that he flirted back and it definitely lifted my spirits. (Remind me to tell you about the big burly Texan who latched onto me and then his follower kept giving me daggers for looks the rest of the night) I am a total sucker for a big smile and his was infectious and lit up his whole face. Naturally, my heart (and other parts) fluttered around him.

Imagine my total surprise when hottie looks me up on FB afterwards!  We continued to flirt and he expressed a desire to go a little further in our “bumping.” I was all too eager to agree. But here is the funny part. As the conversation unfolded, it became apparent he’d always thought I wasn’t into him. The irony is I thought the same thing of him! We’d seen each other around from time to time. I’d always made a point to acknowledge or say hi to him. I never got an indication that he was really interested. He’d always say hi back but it just seemed rather cordial. I was seriously befuddled that he could have possibly thought I wasn’t into him.

And, of course, I’ve been mulling it over constantly since then. lol I pride myself on being friendly and ‘approachable’ so naturally I’m kicking myself as to how I could have given the impression I wasn’t interested. Am I becoming to focused at the gym? Have I started presenting myself as unapproachable w/o knowing it. I enlisted the help of friends, who were perfectly useless. lol I say that w/love because they can’t see me objectively so asking them was pointless. It’s eating at me now of course. And I’ll keep picking at it till I resolve it in my head at some point.

Anyway, as luck would have it, he is usually a top as well. I say usually because, well you know…

We had a great time and he was just as much fun as I expected. (Even more actually)  Of course, in a city full of bottoms I keep running into all the tops. *sigh*


I had this post all written and ready to post but after the CT incident, I just had to update it. While most of us are bouncing around merry and gay this holiday season, others will be struggling with loss and depression. My heart goes out to the families of those who lost their children in such a senseless tragedy yesterday. I’ll save my thoughts on the issue for a later time but for the rest of us, no matter how down you are this holiday season, remember it can always be worse. Take stock in the gifts you do have. Moving on to the original post…


In my line of work I deal with a lot with the more depressing side of the holidays. Unfortunately, not everyone will have a very merry holiday this year. Some haven’t had one in years. And further still, a few might take drastic measures to escape their pain.

It may seem silly to some but I always try to do something nice for others over the holidays. I like to think I do nice things for others year round but you get the point I’m trying to make. Lord knows last season I was pretty depressed myself. And while I had good reason to be upset, things weren’t really all that bad in the scope of things. I have a roof over my head, money in my pocket, food in my belly, and friends (an family) that love me. Not everyone will be able to even say that this year. So while I may not be buying shiny gifts, I am pretty content. [1]My swapping the iPad for the Nexus was pretty much my present to myself.

Anyway, I’ll be working xmas again this year. I don’t mind working as one, they pay me well and two, I like helping out. For all my bitching about the bureaucracy, I love my job. I like helping people. I’d hope that those of you out there who have a lot would take time to help someone less fortunate. Be it donations, volunteering, etc you can make a difference in someone else’s life. Often times something so little can mean so much to others. I urge you to remember the ‘spirit of giving‘ isn’t so much about things and presents.

And if you are someone who is struggling to find spirit or just survive the holiday blues, please take heart, in the grand scale of things it is just another day. The world spins and life moves just like the day before and will again the day after. *hugs*

I wish all of you out there a very Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays!

PS. Thanks to everyone for all the wonderful xmas cards! I was really surprised on how many of you sent them in to me. 🙂 I’m doing my last batch soon if anyone is left who wants one.


1 My swapping the iPad for the Nexus was pretty much my present to myself.


I’d like to take a break from my ramblings to encourage each and everyone of you reading this to take a break from your day and donate money to the relief efforts on the East coast.

It’s easier than you might think. Most carriers support the donate by text method. All you do is text the words “red cross” to 90999. You get a confirmation that you have to reply yes to and you’re done.

If you can’t use text, please go to and click on donate. Please donate, no matter how much you can afford. Even a little will help.

You make not be personally affected but if the situation were reversed wouldn’t you want people to help you too? Please, take a moment out of your busy day to send a few dollars to the relief efforts.

I thank you from the bottom of my heart.


Stands for Act of Random Kindness. [1]Totally stolen from Evan Almighty, the movie

cookiesI recently helped a friends sister with tips on how to get a job as a dispatcher. She happens to be in a different state but they utilize some of the same testing services we use here. I originally thought she was applying locally but whatever. lol  I gave her my best advice on what I know based on how we hire. Basically, be yourself, answer honestly not what you think they want to hear, be polite, and dress appropriately. Not that hard but you’d be surprised how many folks miss the last two.

She got the job and sent me this lovely container of homemade cookies and cakes! I was really surprised she went to so much effort but it was very sweet, literally. lol I’m sure it wasn’t cheap to the mail them and I was truly touched. Of course, I’m already half-way thru the whole container. lol I set some out for the ginger [2]my new/old roommate but he hasn’t been around much this week. I’m sure once he sees them he’ll help me polish’em off.

It just goes to show, sometimes the smallest thing can mean something huge to someone else. It took me all of 5-10 mins to share my views on the subject. IMHO we should all strive to help others and do good in the world. If we did, I honestly think the world would be in much better shape today. I know from my perspective it has paid off time and time again. Karma if you will or just plain good will being returned to you.

Just a thought…


1 Totally stolen from Evan Almighty, the movie
2 my new/old roommate



I got a very nice surprise at the post office today.  An anonymous reader sent me this t-shirt.  It was a very nice gift and I am very appreciative.  You didn’t have to be anonymous though. [1]It was obviously someone on my xmas list as they wouldn’t have my PO box otherwise.


The irony here is I recently ordered a custom shirt online.  This one is much better than my version. lol  I wore it today and got several smiles and laughs about it. 

So whoever you are, thank you very much for such a nice gift. I am very flattered.


1 It was obviously someone on my xmas list as they wouldn’t have my PO box otherwise.

Charity Begins At Home

I’ve kept something under wraps for awhile but I’m almost ready to launch and I thought I’d share it with you first. 

I am starting a non-profit organization.  While not overly difficult to setup, it is a bit tedious.  Basically, I want to take old and used electronics and either refurbish them for the poor or make sure they get sent to a proper recycling center.  In the beginning, I plan to focus on computers, laptops, and cell-phones.  Depending on the success rate, I may incorporate more items later down the road.

It is no secret I’m a bit of a techno geek.  I’m routinely sought out by co-workers and friends to help with their gadget woes.  I often find the technologically-challenged resort to buying newer hardware because of a lack of understanding when things go wrong.  Well, the old gadgets often end up in landfills, benefitting no one.  There are thousands of less fortunate families that could use your old, last-seasons gadget of choice.  In the event the device is beyond or not worth repair, it should be recycled properly.  Many electronic gadgets contain trace amounts (sometimes more) of very poisonous chemicals and compounds that end up in our drinking water when not disposed of properly.  Plus many of the internal components can be broken down and recycled.  There is a center just over in Sonoma county heavily involved in recycling electronics and I plan to work with them. 

My goal is simple.  Act as a conduit between those who have and those who don’t.  I’d originally thought of going it alone but one of my co-workers is heavily involved in charitable work with the homeless here in SF.  She was very excited about my idea and welcomed me into her org.  I’m still looking at the pros/cons, but either way I plan on doing it. 

So, if you  have any old computers, laptops, PDA’s, and/or cell-phones lying around collecting dust, dig’em out and send’em my way.  Leave a comment and I will send you a mailing address.  The items as well as the shipping costs are tax deductible.  I’m also working on setting up a webpage to accept donations to cover operating costs.  I figure why not harness the ability of social networks for something other than porn and junk? lol

Blogapalooza 2007 II

**Update*** Several folks have already expressed an interest in an Saturday get together as some are arriving Friday and will miss the one on Friday. I’ll try to arrange something for Saturday for those who can’t make the Friday shindig.

Ok blog fans, the date is fast approaching. The big blogger weekend aka SF Pride is not far off. I’m creating a page w/links to blogs or emails for all those planning to attend. That way everyone can rub elbows, talk shop, discuss room & board options, etc.

I know DanNation is also working on a more specific date and time however, I’m just looking for numbers vs events. Once the weekend approaches and more folks have an idea of their schedules, I’ll try to arrange a get together. Again, nothing fancy or overly pretentious, just a space for the group to meet, maybe grab some food or drink, and chat. I took the weekend off so I’ll have time to play vs worry about work. The only kink would be getting called for the EMT gig however, I’m really not expecting to be called in the first group.1

Anway, last year’s gathering was very fun and I got to meet quite a few folks. I’m hoping to add more to the list this year.

1 No, not giving up just being realistic.

Nice Guy

I bought a homeless guy dinner tonight at Taco Bell. He was polite, clean, and not at all pushy. He also looked me straight in the face and shook my hand. If he’d reeked of booze or been overly aggressive I would have simply told him no. Instead, he still found the time to have manners and be respectful, I admire that.

I didn’t mind he ordered two meals, one for now and one for later. It only cost me an extra $6.00 and he got a hot meal instead of belly full of booze.