In a slightly less exciting rant and not meant to damper the thrill I have from my tattoo, I discovered this weekend, and not for the first time, someone I trusted has been running their mouth about my business.  Business they were instructed was private and only shared in confidence.  Serves me right for reaching out to someone I saw in pain and deciding to share part of myself. 

Well, lesson learned. [1]And needless to say, they won’t get a 2nd opportunity


The irony here is for a long time I didn’t see myself as an overly moral or ethical person.  Never having the benefit of strong family ties as a child, I had to teach myself right from wrong.  All things considered, I’ve accomplished that goal to my satisfaction. [2]Of course, there is always room for improvement.  And while my own brand of morals may not be the norm, they keep me on the path I have chosen in this life.  I guess the point of my ramble here  is I’m more disappointed than angry.  Disappointed that integrity seems to be a catch phrase for most guys these days.  I’m also disappointed in someone who obviously cares more about their next drinking buddy than true friendship.

Or, it could be I’m just getting old and crotchety.  I mean my 38th birthday is fast approaching. *ducking*   


1 And needless to say, they won’t get a 2nd opportunity
2 Of course, there is always room for improvement.

10 thoughts on “Trust”

  1. Sorry bro, it happens to the best of us. Just chalk it up as experienced learned, but it doesn’t mean you should trust other people any less.

    I have my mantra that helps me every day – Live in the Present; Remember the Past; Hope for the Future.

  2. Old and crotchety at 38? Ahem. You know it just pisses me off that I seem to be one year older than many of you bloggers. The fact that you, DB, Jimbo, and Kelly Stern are all younger than me just kills me. I do look forward to this time of the year when all of you bitches start reaching my same age for even a brief period of time. We’ll be the same age until June. 🙂

    @brettcajun ~ yeah but you’ll always be older.

  3. Old?Crotchety?…Don’t worry, you’ll grow out of it, Lol…and geez, I’m 10 years older than you young pups…don’t sweat the small stuff, Life will always be amazing!

  4. I swear the only words I use to describe you are “Pure.” “Innocent,” and “Angelic.” So I know you aren’t talking about me, my pure, innocent, angelic friend.

    @homer ~ that is exactly how I would describe me too! heehee

  5. Sad thing is: Integrity is subjective these days.
    Some might care for their drinking buddies more than others, but that isn’t integrity.

    Of course, with your job, empathizing with others, even if you cannot get emotionally involved, goes “with the territory! Take care.

  6. Sad to say, it’s an all-too-common experience. I’m a lot more selective in what I say, and to whom, than I used to be. It bothers me that a lack of integrity — never mind just plain old respect — is coming to be the rule rather than the exception.

  7. Sorry about the douche who couldn’t keep their mouth shut. Live and learn right?

    38? Please. Start complaining at 40 mmmmmkay?

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