Smile, You is on Camera

Here is my first video of the new year.  Its a bit longer (15megs) so the load time might be a little sluggish on a slower connection.  You can also download (right click and hit “save target or save link as” option).

I discovered if you are still using IE, the vid won’t load in the window. You can blame MS for being so lame as to not support industry standard code.

5 thoughts on “Smile, You is on Camera”

  1. Oooooh Moby Unplugged. Love the ink, now show us the rest of the body, you tease.

    Warm and dry is a relative term in New England.

  2. Awesome tat… it definitely does look a lot better with the color. If I was looking to move to SF, it'd be fun to be your roommate, but alas – I got an amazing job and BF here.

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