6 thoughts on “Video Star”

  1. Great video! I like the fact I can make you full screen (all 24 inches of it). Now THAT'S a big Moby! I'm glad you're enjoying (to put it mildly) your new rims!

  2. You are totally being a lesbian with The Apple Guy. I saw those sparks shooting like fireworks when y'all first met. Like 2 little puppy dogs.

    @chris ~ nu-uh!

  3. Interesting video. As to the rims, aren't modern alloys fun! Co worker had a bicycle made of an alloy that was so light you could lift it one handed. Sweet stuff, the bike cost him $4K though.

    I guess you have to be VERY into it to spend that kind of cash. I'm like that with computer though I note my sought after 13" MacBook Pro is now down to $999.

  4. Yay! A video helps us connect to you on a more personal level. Thanks for sprinkling videos on your blog from time to time. More bloggers should do it! I know mine make me seem crazy at times, but it is another way of expressing myself. LOL.

    PS — The great thing about switching to YouTube is that now your videos don't automatically play whenever we access your blog. That's important because sometimes we are looking at your blog outside of home.

  5. Watching you talk about your bike I think I actually saw your nipples get hard! We want more videos, and next time without a shirt please. LOL

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