Dynamic Duo

For those not on Facebook or Twitter, I thought I’d post a pic of Apple guy and I together. Here we are at a BBQ in Golden Gate park hosted by my buddy William. [1]Special thanks to William for organizing and setting it up.  We had a nice time today hanging out with some of the moto boys and friends. Sadly, some of the group couldn’t make it but better some than none.


And speaking of, Apple guy is finally here full time! He made it last week after spending two and half days back and forth to the airport. He was flying on a buddy pass from a friend of mine. Normally, not a big deal but because of delays, he ended up trying to get a flight out on a weekend that coincided with the end of spring break. Flights were super booked and he kept getting bumped. He finally got saved when a connecting flight in Houston didn’t show up. Poor thing, he was so tired and cranky when he finally made it, he went straight to bed and slept about 16 hours. Course, now that he is here I’m happier than a pig in slop! lol


Now that he is here we embark on a life together. I’m nervous and excited all at the same time. lol  That said, I am optimistic. I think we are starting things off right and with a strong foundation. As usual, our comfort level is pretty good. We just ‘are’ when we are around each other. I really like that and am looking forward to what the future holds for us.


1 Special thanks to William for organizing and setting it up.

14 thoughts on “Dynamic Duo”

  1. He looks like he could be your (younger) brother. 😉

    Which could make for a hot video… I'm just sayin.

    @Cb ~ Why? Because we both have facial hair and sunglasses on? Nah..he is way cuter. And we have a video…but thats just for me! :p

  2. Look at you guys! Awww… so cute… I've got to say, it's very "comforting" seeing how happy you are now, remembering reading how it was like for you a few years back.

    PS: I agree with CB above… he DOES look a bit like your younger brother heheeh

  3. Woohoo….glad he's finally there! Glad to finally meet my best friend's other half last week….you guys have fun and take care of each other! I'll be back for a visit soon!! 😉

  4. "We just ‘are’ when we are around each other."

    Ayup. That's pretty much the secret to success in any good relationship, IMO. Along with never throwing out his/your favorite old shirt and making soup for the other when one isn't feeling well. 🙂

    You guys make a nice looking couple too. Congrats!

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