Its been an interesting past week, to say the least.

Apparently, I live like a bachelor, or so Apple guy tells me. Ok, ok, its true, I do tend to live a bit sparse. Growing up the way I did, I never had a lot of things and it just isn’t natural for me to focus on such things. I don’t apply myself that way often and the skill set has grown weak. This is not to imply Apple guy is shallow, just the distinction between us. If anything, he is very hands-on and tackles challenges with a determined zest. In the last few years, I’ve gotten sort of complacent on doing stuff myself. [1]Ok, lazy I admit it.  He has taken to converting my sparse boring pad into a warm inviting home. Even better, he is the king of bargain shopping! lol The man has easily saved us over a grand in expenses with his efforts.

Sadly, Apple guy and the roomie have decided they hate each other. Oh yes, its not going well at all. I thought they would overcome eventually and settle down but its obvious now, that ain’t happening. The last few days have been interesting to say the least. This has also put me in an awkward position and I’m not faring it well. No matter how I approach it, someone is gonna end up hurt.

This has also caused some friction between Apple guy and myself. Besides his expected stress at being in a new place and struggling to gain his self-reliance, the bickering between him an the roomie has made him very uneasy about the move.

The upside is he and I are still able to talk things out. Time will tell but I’m not doubting my decision so far. I know he gets frustrated with me at times but at the end of the day, he still knows I love him and am willing to work on it.

Say a prayer for me to [insert deity of choice here], would ya?


1 Ok, lazy I admit it.

8 thoughts on “Friction”

  1. 3- simple words: – Three's a Crowd.- Maybe your Roommate is jealous of Apple guy Nesting with you?

    Best of luck with this Ménage à trois. I would say a Prayer but then Pat Robertson & the 700 Club wins – I'M confident two smart guys That love each other will win…

  2. I think it's a great sign that you guys are actually TALKING about it. That's a huge step in the right direction.

    I'm sure it'll all work out, but I'll definitely be sending positive thoughts your way.

  3. Well, I would suggest sitting them both down and have them talk out their frustrations with each other… But knowing they at both gay men…. Yeah, I got nothing.

  4. Truly a Libra nightmare, we seek harmony between those close to us and sometimes its really hard,like in your case….

  5. This truly is not an easy situation, but it seems you got the communication part down. I would suggest sometime when everyone is in one place at the same time you have a group discussion and address concerns. As well lay down some guidelines and rules, which will force those two to at least to be civil in hopes of creating a path of communication.

    I would nip any passive aggressive behaviour in the butt ASAP. Having harmony in your home is most important for your wellbeing.

    When couples move in together it changes the dichotomy of a household. You are experiencing it with his added touches to the space. I suspect your roommate is feeling threatened by this and may need some reassurance from you. I would imagine he is feeling much like the proverbial third wheel.

    I know you probably don’t want to admit this, but you may have to ask the roommate to leave at some point. It won’t be healthy for anyone if nothing is done and things are left to simmer. I would just make the effort with the roommate so if it were to come to this you can say you tried.

    You are on a new life path and Apple guy is correct about the bachelor comment he made, but I feel it relates more to old roommates. You are a couple living together and making a home together. How wonderful is that!

    If the two of you are in need of the benefit of a roommate you may need to find a new one together.

  6. I appreciate you having the courage to post this Moby. I was stuck in a similar situation while living with a couple. I would get along fine with one, but knocked heads constantly with the other one (who was another Cajun!).

    It got downright stressful between us while the poor partner was always stuck in the middle. We were told to ignore each other. Fine. That's easy enough. But ignoring each other only fans the flames because you are not tackling the primary issue: feelings.

    Heed my advice… don't do like we did. Telling them to simply ignore each other is NOT the solution. You have to take both bulls by their horns and act like a crazy bitch. Sit them down. Tell them that they are driving you FUCKING CRAZY! MAKE them talk to each other. Tell them you are NOT LEAVING until they workout what ever problems they have with each other.

    My gut instinct is that there is jealousy involved. Maybe your roommate wants to be included sometimes? (dinner/movie/bar trips/ etc.) Maybe your partner wants some alone time with you without the other one always there? Fine. Make sure you accommodate both their concerns or you risk losing one.

    Like what just happened to me and my roommates…

    @brett ~ for the record, that was excellent advice. :p But jealousy is not the problem. The problem will resolve itself as the roomie is rarely here these days (he is dating someone pretty seriously) and has given his notice to vacate. I just hope they don't kill each other beforehand.

  7. Got to admire your honesty with this post. I was in a similar situation before while I was the upsetting partner. Although I wasn't completely upset with the roommate, I also don't feel that my presence was making anything easier. It's great for you to acknowledge that it is an issue. My ex back then ended up having me out his place for a little (I still have my own place back then) which upset me tremendously.

    Hope this gets resolve soon 😀

  8. That's a difficult situation. I guess eventually you might want to find a place just you and apple guy. Good luck!

    @John ~ Uh, this is MY apartment so WE won't be going anywhere. :p

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