I’m currently pondering ideas for next tattoo. As previously mentioned, I want one on my inner left forearm. I’m still thinking of doing a chemistry based one to match the physics and biology ones. That said, I’ve been throwing ideas around in my head and a few seem to be resonating so far.

The first being the Caduceus (pictured left). Many people incorrectly associate it with the medical profession. For the unknowing, the Caduceus first reared its head as the Staff of Iris, which if I remember my mythology, was later co-opted by Hermes.

Anyway, I’m thinking of this with a rougher more aggressive snake and wings. One of my coworkers said I should make the snakes bowed back as if about to strike each other. I kinda liked that idea. I also think the lines and curves would look good on my forearm and would go nicely with the flow of my muscle. The design itself isn’t too difficult so I’m confident it would translate well to a tattoo. If anything, I think I’ll end up adding more definition and character if I decide to go with this one. I might do something to the ball on top of the staff as well. As I said, I’m still tinkering with ideas so feedback is welcome (and expected lol).

My other idea was the Wand of Asclepius, which is the true symbol of healing from Greek mythology.1 Asclepios (as originally spelled) was the son of Apollo. He was also a healer and practiced medicine, hence the medical relationship. I never quite figured out how the two symbols got confused but that’s a post for another day. I’ve also seen it done on a cross. Not surprising considering most of christianity’s fables were taken from early cultures.

Of course, this one is a tad too detailed for my liking, as is. I’d probably clean it up and give it more of a surreal look. Again, I like the lines and curves. I think both would go well as a forearm tattoo. My idea for this one is to maybe have the snake looking outward or open mouth as well. I do love the realistic texture but its a tad rough compared to the vision in my head. The dimensions are off a bit for my liking as well. I’d want the wand and snake to both be thicker.

But wait, I’m not done yet! lol I’m also thinking of getting my name in binary code.2  I think it looks cool but one of the fall outs would be people constantly asking me what it means. A good way to get attention for a tattoo but not necessarily that much.

So those are my current ideas. Whaddya think?

  1. I didn’t know the difference between the two until my mythology class in college. []
  2. text converted to computer speak consisting of 1’s and 0’s. []

7 thoughts on “Tattoo”

  1. I like them both, but you already have a twisty-turny DNA strand and this seems somewhat similar in nature.

    I say try something different. But that's just me talkin.

  2. I think you should definitely do the second idea. it is a bit more "esoteric" which adds a coolness factor

  3. Ink the 1rst on your back, any position along the spinal cord that will emerge the idea of healing and protection. Place two snake heads opposite each other toward the cord.

    If you still like inking on your arm, I suggest a snake grasping around your left arm only. The snake head should be paralleled with your eye sight, to empower your vision and guard your heart.

  4. Hey.Long time. I'd like to see you develop the Asclepius image. Too many Caduceus' out there, as Erik pointed out. I'm also interested in the binary code thing but have no idea what it would look like. I'm guessing, based on personal experience, that no matter what you decide on, it's going to elicit questions, such as "what does it mean, man" or the number one most popular question ever…"did that hurt?" or even worse "how much did that cost" or "who did your work, man" (like you're going to produce the business card of your tattoo guy or whatever). 'course, then there's my favorite…"got any more ink" and you respond with a smile "yeah, wanna see em?"

    ok enough.

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