From the pic you can see I’m on the mend. Actually, if you look closely, you can still see the broken bone. What you can’t see is all the little splinter pieces he had to move around and position properly so they’d grow back. I didn’t actually know they left the splinters in. I just assumed they would take’em out and the bone would grow back. Not so, the splinters will actually reattach to the bone and grow back to normal.

I’m already back at work on modified duty.1  Everyone is shocked and amazed I’m already out of a arm sling and back at work. Of course, if I was just letting the bone heal on its own I would still have my arm in the sling. It takes 6-8 weeks for the bone to heal up. The metal plate actually takes a lot of pressure off the bone so I’m able to do more faster.

I was a little surprised the day of the accident how many coworkers were checking in on me. Knowing the crews that showed up, they were getting bombarded by terminal messages from my co-workers.  Seeing the call history at work made me understand, it sounds way worse than it was. It also shows how everyone sees something different. I was actually the first call into work regarding my accident but several other people called in as well. One person stated I was run over by a vehicle and trapped under it. lol2 

Anyway, I can’t do everything yet but most daily mediocre tasks are fine. I stretch it every day to help get the range of motion back. I’m about 75% there so far. There are definitely angles that are still difficult. The wound itself is healing very nicely albeit a bit tender.  Today was the first morning I woke up in no pain at all, another good sign.  I go back to the doctor mid December. If everything is ok then he will release me to start working out (pushing weights) again. I’m probably starting back on cardio this next week. I’ve gained a few lbs and need to start working it off. And don’t forget Thanksgiving is just around the corner. lol

A big thanks to everyone who checked in on me. I got emails, messages, comments, etc and I greatly appreciate it. To answer questions, yes I’ll be getting another bike.  I’m just waiting on the insurance people to give me my payoff information. I’m hoping to get another gixxr and my shop is already looking for one for me!

  1. Four hour shifts []
  2. When I went down, it was in a parking lane and I slid into a parked vehicle. My bike actually wedged itself under the vehicle a bit. []

7 thoughts on “Progress”

  1. Drink the kool-aid! You're getting very sleepy…You're going to buy a Ducati…on the count of 3, you'll awaken and act upon my suggestions.


    @Jim ~ lolol Duc's are a bit pricey for my blood. I'm shooting for another gixxr.

  2. Now give that person who called in (thinking you were trapped under a car) a break. Maybe from where they stood, that is how it looked. I applaud anyone calling 911 when so many would figure "someone else will do it".

    Glad you're on the mend.

  3. Glad to hear you're on the mend. Ain't medical technology just grand these days? We really are learning how to repair the human body back to its original state these days.

    I see a very bright future medically speaking.

  4. Why does the theme song from the Six Million Dollar Man keep running through my mind? LOL Perhaps you should think about getting something a little safer, like a Bugatti Veyron? I'm glad you're healing quickly though.

  5. You are tough! Go back to work and want to start to push weights again already? Take it easy, my friend. And hope that you completely recover soon.

  6. Generally I do not post on blogs, – but I would like to say that this post really forced me to do so! really nice post.

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