Apparently, my last blog post was a casualty of my learning curve on the mac. I’ve been experimenting with different blogging software on the mac as there doesn’t seem to be a really stand out winner. I’m kinda surprised because I thought for sure there would be a good one.

I use Windows Live Writer on the PC and it turns out, its one of the best out there. And its free. None of the free mac software even comes close. I’m tinkering w/one now called Ecto and it seem something happened between my saving it to the laptop and it getting posted online.

Anyway, I re-write the last post when I get time. It was a child hood memory that sort of hit me out the blue the other day and I thought I’d share. lol

2 thoughts on “Casualty”

  1. Never used blogging software myself, save for one. MacJournal. It was fairly easy enough to use I felt. I got it as a MacHeist bundle so I don't know how much it costs on its own.

  2. I use MarsEdit on the Mac and I like it a lot. It's not free, though. Since moving to Linux I've been using the WordPress interface and it's not horrible. 🙂

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