While I don’t worry much about my blog comments, I have been a little surprised by the absolute lack of any comments at all lately. I discovered today that would be because the last 5 posts got sent to the draft folder on my server instead of being published! lolol I guess in the switchover back to a PC1 my xmlrpc file on the server got confused. I reset the file and it seems to have corrected the problem. I’ll roll out the posts over the next week or so vs all at once.
In doggie news, Cooper2 is adjusting quite well. His behavioral problems have all but disappeared. Ironically, the one thing we thought would be an easy transition has been the hardest…his potty training. After the first week, he took to peeing (and sometimes poohing) on the carpets when we weren’t around. We tried a few techniques but have finally started to crate him when we aren’t home. The poohing has stopped but the pee episodes still occur. I hate doing it but he needs to learn the rules. This is the most effective method and given time will make him happier. He has clearly been in a crate before as he didn’t whine at all the first night he spent in the crate. December 22 will be his first full month with us and I couldn’t be happier.3 He is a joy to have and be around and brings me lots of smiles. I look forward to him being there when I get home at night. No matter how awful my day has been, seeing him always makes me happy. I’m not sure who gets the most out of the time we spend together, him or me. hehehe
We’ve noticed Cooper definitely has some peculiar habits. One of the funniest is when he crawls off the sofa. He uses just his front feet and literally drags his back-end off onto the floor. Its hysterical to watch. Other times, when he lays down he will walk next to something, like the sofa, and literally just throw himself sideways onto the floor. His newest habit is crawling over me up onto the arm of the sofa to look out over the room. It took him a few tries to get his balance right so he wouldn’t fall. He only seems to do it when I’m actually on the sofa. I like the fact he has odd habits, it makes him more unique in my eyes.
  1. more on that later []
  2. he now has his own Google+ and FB profiles, links to follow. []
  3. I expect many of you to remember 11.22.11. Notice the cute pattern? []

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