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Has anyone noticed that t-shirt sizes seem to be shrinking and pant sizes seem to be growing? WTF is up with that? lol I was recently shopping for a zip-up hoodie and none of the sizes fit me. I had to end up getting an extra-large. While I’m first to admit I’ve put on some muscle in the last 10 years, I’m not that damn big. And for some odd reason, clothing manufacturer’s never seem to make t-shirts the same size across brands. Even when shopping within the same brand, I often find I have to check sizes. It drives me nuts. I’m what I like to call a hybrid shopper. I like to shop but I don’t like wasting tons of time trying on clothes, especially for t-shirts. Once I become familiar with a brand, I like knowing I can grab a shirt I like, hit the checkout, and be done with it.

It is frustrating as hell to try to shop for shirts because you have to try every single freaking shirt on before you buy it. And then hope/pray it doesn’t shrink, even when it’s not supposed to, after you wash it. [1]That’s a whole other pet-peeve! Why can’t they do like shoe companies and show a size based on what country the shoe is being sold in? While I still try on shoes before I buy, I never have to jump sizes. A size 10 is always a size 10 (with only a small difference between shoes and boots). Oh and even worse, when you buy cheap shirts, it is just the opposite. You buy a small and it drags your knees! lol


1 That’s a whole other pet-peeve!

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  1. Regularly! I cannot find the middle of the road sizes any longer. They are ether XXS for the cute little twinks or XXL for the big boys. Mediums are out of the question.

  2. Fashion houses know people want a smaller waist and a bigger chest. Brands seem all across the board with H&M being one of the extremes (Hello Stockholm, I'm flattered but no way am I a 29 waist). I used to shop as you describe but I had to give in and start always trying things on even t shirts.

  3. You've hit on one of my pet peeves as well. I've been trying to find jeans that aren't Walmart Fat-Ass size.

    And btw you're experiencing what woman have been experiencing when buying bikini's for years! Top – size six, Bottom – Size eight.

    BTW, I laughed at Trubble's comment and your response.

  4. well, since you're not this subject, I also don't believe that pant sizes are the same. I think they say you're a 32 when you're really a 34 to make you feel better about yourself and that you'll buy their brand as opposed to the one that says you are a 34.

    It's a conspiracy, I tellz ya.

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