There’s been this Throwback Thursday going around FB lately. They probably stole it

Cheesy me
Cheesy me

from Twitter but whatever. lol Basically, you post a pic of yourself at various points in your past. I posted the one you see here recently. It is my from my late 20’s around 28/29. It was a couple years before I moved to SF.

I bring it up because of all the commentors were amazed at the differences between then and now. lol Ironically, the biggest changes have been within and cannot be seen. Those changes are much more significant and meaningful to me. That said, the pic represents a time when I was beginning to settle into a stable life. While things weren’t easy, I had a consistent roof over my head, food in my belly, and a stable job. All of which weren’t necessary a guarantee up until that point.

I was still lost and confused in many ways. I hadn’t yet had time to figure who and what I was or what I wanted to be ‘when I grew up.’ I was incredibly insecure still and had no clue about the real influence I could have had on others. lol Youth truly is wasted on the young.