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As technology becomes more pervasive, the ever present choice of connecting with my family on social networks keeps coming up. Up until now, it hasn’t really been much of an issue as most of the direct family I do assoicate with is not at all computer friendly. My youngest brother and I are the closest and he is and has been pretty much my only link to the rest of them. He asked me the other day if I was on FB. I guess in speaking with some of the cousins, they expressed an interest in connecting with me. I didn’t reply at the time but I’ve been pondering it ever since.

Growing up the way I did, I’ve been very disconnected from most of my extended family. When I did know them, it was rough and they knew it. They didn’t care a whit enough about me back then to intervene or offer up help so why do I need them now? Nor did they ever make an effort to reach out to me anytime since then. Now that social media has made it basically one-click access to my life, suddenly they’ve found an interest. I am struggling to find any value in that. Of course, my younger brother, being closer to many of them, sort of creates an unavoidable bridge. But is it a bridge I care to connect to?

To be clear, there is nothing in my life to hide. Just the opposite, I live openly and honestly. But at 42 years old I also have zero desire to hear the scandals, stories, and whispers about my life and/or actions. Ultimately, the question is do I feel a stronge enough connection to my extended family to weather said drama?

I don’t have an answer yet as I haven’t made up my mind.

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  1. I had the same questions, but ultimately decided to add family on FB. And they all read my blog. And you know what? They got to know the REAL me and we are closer now because of it. I am no longer “the mystery” in the family. It brought us closer together and I am thankful I did it.

    1. It was going good until you threw in the ‘real me’ part. lol Having met you, more than once, I can certainly agree your blog is a projection. Unfortunately, your projected bluster, bravado, and sometimes deliberate contrariness often overshadow the very charming and kind person you are in person.

  2. There’s people in the family who I’ve kept in contact with, and others I have not. And I figure there’s a reason for that, so why mess with it now. Did you ask for my opinion? I’d say let sleeping dogs lie.

  3. All I can say is I’ve friended a good portion of my family on FB. I had to block my father and my aunt one after the other.

    They’re both Florida residing Faux News viewing idiots. Well maybe they aren’t per se but their friends are and are forever sending them these things that obviously came out of the Fox echo chamber. And when those two family members would post them I’d do my best to break it down and debunk it. That caused some interesting things.

    I’m no longer speaking to my father and have very little contact with my aunt.

    1. There is that component in some of my family as well. I’m not so worried about the specific aspect so much as the ongoing gossip-fest every time I share something about my intimate life with a man.

      And as I mentioned, having one-click access to my intimate details doesn’t necessarily make me value your sudden interest in my life.

  4. That’s a tough one. Luckily I’m in a similar boat as far as the remainder of my surname family not being Internet savvy, so it’s not really been an issue. Up to this point at least.

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