It can be interesting hearing people have said things about you that have the tiniest kernel of truth or no truth at all. And unlike brettcajun, I don’t fly into fits of rage or hand-wringing as a result. :p There was a time when it would have gotten to me but not anymore. In the last few months I’ve heard a few gems I felt like sharing. And I will remark on how odd it seems they all happened within the span of a few months. lol Is there a horoscope entry there somewhere?

He has an 11-inch penis.” And I shit you not, this not the first time someone has said that! While I’m certainly happy with my size, I ain’t no 11 inches! Back when Apple guy and I were together, a mutual friend apparently had me mixed up with someone else and while casually having a conversation with Apple guy, felt compelled to blurt out we’d had sex and he really liked my 11 inch penis. Needless to say, Apple guy set him straight on the subject. I was flattered but what the hell does one do with a monster like that? I mean the only persons who could handle it would probably already be a bit road-worn, if you catch my meaning. lol Hearing it again recently I can’t help but wonder if it comes from the same person? Regardless, I’m not even flattered it’s just bizarre.

He has a habit of moving guys to SF and then dumping them.” Twisted truth that no longer resembles the truth is no longer truth. It is true all of the my last three significant relationships involved a man that lived elsewhere. That I moved them here and then dumped them would be categorically untrue. Not even close. lol The Pup and I laughed it off. He knows the truth and that is all that would ever matter to me.Even if he were concerned, he would have had the integrity to come and ask me directly.

He’s only into white guys.” Nope. While I do find white guys more in my range, my attractions run the gambit. I’ve had many flavors over the years.

Perception can be a funny thing but one should also interject reason and logic at some point.

7 thoughts on “Heard”

  1. It’s perfectly natural and instinctual to punch back HARD when ridiculed. Years of mental abuse at the hands of others empowers me to inflict maximum hit point damage as a deterrent for future such endeavors. That’s me protecting the shy little kid that was bullied. It may seem crazy, but I like sticking up for that kid. 🙂

    Anyway, if you had 11″ , that would be a huge injustice you never had a career in porn when soooo many others have with much shorter ones.

    1. So that theoretically explains “punching back” with comments. What’s your excuse for when YOU make the ridiculing comment first? Oh, that’s right, that’s called being an asshole.

      1. Hey, I put up with you for years Kevin M. I think I am entitled to walk into your home and tell you to pick up all that damn cat hair. It’s unseemly and you won’t make Better Homes & Gardens. Just saying!

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