A big thank you to everyone for the wonderful birthday wishes. I’m always flattered by the outpouring of well-wishes. The birthday was pretty low-key. I was a bit under the weather this past weekend so ended up at home with The Pup for a couple extra days. By Sunday, I was feeling better, and yesterday an unrelated eye-irritation was my only complaint.

Sadly, I am no longer the answer to life, the everything. [1]Hitchiker’s Guide to The Galaxy hehehe  I’ve mentioned before, I don’t regret getting older. I actually enjoy it. I don’t get depressed, sad, or even wistful [2]so far as I age. And even though I notice more changes to the body year after year, I’m ok with it. As Madam would say, ‘…you realize that life is marching by and it’s marching right over your face!’ lol But I don’t mind the greying hair (what’s left of it lol) or the not so subtle wrinkles. If anything I like to think I balance my age with my spirit.

Physically, I’m still in excellent shape for my age even though I’ve been a bit lax in the gym lately. Of course, having a new live in partner will do that. heehee  I eat relatively well and *knock on wood* no apparent major health problems have presented themselves. I will have to break down and get some eye-glasses at some point. I am noticing that I’m becoming near-sighted. Things at a distance seem to loose focus more often these days. I guess I’m getting old eyes. lol

Anyway, thanks again for the well-wishes. I am looking forward to my 43rd year.



1 Hitchiker’s Guide to The Galaxy
2 so far