PSA: Retailers

​Here is a PSA to retailers. I get it that you want to maintain contact w/your new and existing clients who shop your websites. It is awesome that you wish to maintain a connection to your shoppers.

What is not awesome is when you bombard your perspective new clients with daily and weekly emails trying to sell your wares. Even worse, when I unsubscribe from your emails, you continue to send them with a message, “oh it might take days or weeks to unsubscribe.” You ain’t fooling no one.

And when you tell me, “we do not sell or give away your email”, you are a liar! I know because I routinely use fake email accounts with your business name @ my domain. Since I have a catch-all account for emails randomly sent to anything @ mydomain I can see how many times you sell my data.


2 thoughts on “PSA: Retailers”

  1. Darn, I thought I was the only one smart enough to use different email addresses* to track who gave out information. Banks are pretty good and keeping it private, but charities are absolutely horrible. I’m still trying to nail down which group sells my email address to those crap sites (penis enlargement, etc.). Surprisingly, some blog sites are great and some are real whores.

    *I spell my name slightly different so I can use my same domain.

    1. Been doing it for years. You just have to make sure your domain has a default email that every thing gets dumped in. The downside is sometimes it can lead to a lot of junk mail. I find it worth the effort though.

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