I’m settled into a final prescription for my contacts. Ironically, my prescription is now identical in both eyes. Leave it to me to continue being the odd ball. I’ve had to go with disposable dailies vs single monthly lenses. Blame it on the astigmatism correction. Everyone has said that the disposable dailies will be more comfortable for me. Maybe I’m out of touch but it seems so wasteful to me. At lease I never have to worry about putting the lenses in the wrong eye. hehehe 

Now that I have figured out how to put my contacts in properly and to know when they are in backwards, I do struggle less. I’m down to about 5-6 mins total. As mentioned, I prefer the contacts for a variety of reasons but there are moments where just being able to put glasses on and off are quite appealing. I thought I’d ditch the glasses one I got contacts but I think I’ll hold onto them. They’ll come in handy for those times where I just can’t be bothered to hassle w/putting contacts in.

I’m curious to know how often most people where there contacts? Daily, every other day, etc?  I’ve been trying to wear mine every day. I do notice toward the end of the day a lot, my eyes seem to get tired of focusing. Or maybe a better description is I have to focus more on keeping them in line. Does that sound right?

I won’t see the specialist again till June. She’ll decide then on whether I should proceed with the muscle surgery.