I’m playing catchup on some of my emails. I got asked why I only use one-word titles for my posts.

Answer: I think I’ve mentioned it here before but it is mainly because it helps deter the naughty bots and junk comments. Such a minor change made a huge dent in the number of fake comments I have to moderate. Who knew, right? Yes, I know I don’t get the best optimization for my posts that way. That is what categories and tags are supposed to do. Yet, I so often forget to add tags too. Ooops! Oh well, I never set out to be the most popular kid on the block so I don’t mind. Besides, I find my comments elsewhere on the net that link back to my blog often bring in more quality readers than SEO crap ever did. [1]That sentence sounds awful when I read it. I wonder how many grammar rules I broke there Another reason is I get soooo annoyed when I get baited into clicking an article based on a bogus headline. I routinely won’t even read articles from the worst offending sites. One word titles avoids that completely.

Question: What happened to the private part of your blog?

Answer: I stopped updating it mostly. All the old stuff is still there, I just haven’t added anything new lately.

Question: Do you ever plan on doing more videos like you used to?

Answer: Wow, you must be a glutton for punishment. It has been a while since I did a vlog update. I used to use my laptop cam and now that I’m rarely on my laptop, it just hasn’t occurred to me. You’d think having a phone that does top-notch video I’d be all over it. I guess I’m behind the curve on that one. I rarely take out my phone to "film stuff" like I see a lot of people randomly doing. If I’m being honest, I get really annoyed when I see people taking pictures or videos of an emergency instead of calling for help or you know actually helping! Maybe that has prevented me from embracing the video everything movement. I’ll try to do a vlog soon though. Thanks for the reminder.

Ok, I’m all caught up now. *whew*


1 That sentence sounds awful when I read it. I wonder how many grammar rules I broke there