It’s that time again. I’m doing my annual christmas cards again soon. If you want a card, email me your address. Don’t leave your address in the comments. I’d hate for some random bot to snag it. 

I have so many different kinds of cards, I’m totally not buying new ones this year. I easily spend upwards of $50 to $100 bucks a year on cards. I’m not sure where I developed the hobby, especially since I’m don’t really celebrate christmas that much. I just enjoy doing it though. It’s almost therapeutic for me. I think I’ve mentioned it in previous years but I like to sit down and go thru my mailing list and compare it to my readers. I pull up all their emails for the last year and read thru them again. It makes me feel connected to my readers. I’m probably an odd ball but when has that ever stopped me? hehehe

So this year I’m gonna throw all the cards in a pile and just go thru them one by one until I’m done. Or at least until I run out of folks to send them to. I’m pretty sure I still have more than enough cards. I seem to remember I might have done some of this last year. (Yeah, I have that many cards heehee)  

Shawn and I are probably headed back down to LA for the holiday. The same two friends are tying the knot and have invited us to attend! 

Anyway, if you’d like a card drop me a line. I do not expect one in return just because I send you one btw.