Holiday – oops!

Since I’m working, I’ll keep this short. [1]I’m posting via email so if it comes out screwy I’ll fix it later..

Tonight is a big night for drunk driver fatalities. I ask you, PLEASE, if you get toasty, call a cab, walk, take the bus, whatever it takes. Don’t drive drunk. And if you are in SF, the police are out in force tonight doing random stops so that goes double for my fellow SF’cans.

Have fun but be safe!


1 I’m posting via email so if it comes out screwy I’ll fix it later..

Karma – 1 Bitterness – 0

So I did a good deed for the ex yesterday. He emailed me asking a “huge favor”, as he put it. It wasn’t that big a deal for me as it involved my techie skills. However, it ended up saving him a wad a cash. Yeah, part of me wanted to say no, just to rub it in that maybe he needed me but, what would that accomplish? So once again, I thought of my karma and how would my actions reflect on me. Laugh if you will, I still try to do at least one good deed every day. So why not do this deed for someone who needs it even if they have hurt me. I wonder if that counts as double karma? *mental note – check karma scales*

Switching topics just a little, I got a nice surprise today. I went to work for a few hours of overtime. I discovered several presents under the tree just for me. (We do secret santa every year so I expected one gift) None of them are labeled as to whom they are from. I can guess three already. I guess the point is it made me feel all warm/fuzzy inside. A feeling I normally have but a bit lacking this year. Several of “the girls” know I’ve had a hard time w/the breakup so I guess this is there way of reaching out to me. It’s times like these that my faith in humanity is renewed. It’s amazing how such a simple gift can mean so much more.

I’m not wealthy and I don’t have much to show materially for my life. I have alot more to show in experience and wisdom. (in my humble opinion) As the years pass, I’m reminded more and more often of the things that matter most to me in this life. For that I am grateful.

So just maybe, christmas this year won’t be so blue after all! And on that note, I hope everyone has a happy christmas and gets their ‘stocking’ stuffed right and proper!

Now What?

The DSL tech just left and my service is back up and working. Apparently, a wire was missing on their equipment box. Exactly, how does that happen? Did a wire just suddenly combust or dissolve into dust? Anyway, he replaced it and wahooo! DSL!

Now that the DSL is up, I don’t have much to complain about. Everything is slowly getting back to normal. OMG! What if my life is completely drama free for a really long time and I can’t blog! How will I survive? How will my fellow blog buddies survive? *G* Fear not fellow bloggers, I have tons of rants so this is not the end of the Moby files! hehehe

Happy Holidays!

Stuffing & Trimmings

Happy Turkey Day to those who celebrate it. Hope it was enjoyable for you. Overall, mine was good. I was a little sad this morning. I missed waking up next to my ex. He loves to cook and always made a big feast on Turkey Day. Ok, I’ll admit it, I miss him. I considered calling him but I thought that might come across wrong so didn’t.

I spent the day w/a bud from work and he put out a really good feast. I got to meet his new bf and his roommate. I also got to meet his roommate’s very handsome brother alas, he was straight. It was only 7 people total so it made for a nice intimate evening.

Anyway, I’m just home from the festivities, my belly is full, my eyes are blurry and I’ll probably call it an early night. Gobble Gobble!