Feeling Better

Well, It’s around 8:45 and I’m feeling better. My sore throat has almost disappeared completely. Just a touch of a cough so I’m hopeful this is the worst of it. *crosses fingers*

I tried to just take it easy and goof off. Went for lunch at Before & After, it was tasty as usual. I did end up going to the movies. I don’t recommend Darkness. Totally sucked! The few scary scenes were ruined by a very unconnected plot. Nothing makes sense till the very end and by that point you are over it. It definitely wasn’t worth the $8.00. And for me to say that, it really sucks!

So, I finally managed to venture out a bit. I made it down to Castro. Of course, as soon as I got here it started raining again. Not as bad as previous days but still yucky. Not to mention, these 3 rather large queens have parked themselves directly behind me while having a non stop tirade of criticisms of the sex ads on Craigs List. Being far from a prude myself, I’m not casting stones. However, 2 hours nonstop of “oh nice cock” and “great ass” and in the same breath, “oh he is a stuck up fag” or “he thinks he is too good for us” gets annoying to say the least. I wanted to say something incredibly tacky/caddy all in one breath but then thought again of my karma and how well its been treating me. I kept my mouth shut! That said, God! I hope I was never that desperate.

*dramatic pause while thinking back thru the years of my life*


Blade – Trinity

In all of my rants yesterday, I was so excited about the new look of my blog, I totally forgot to bring up the fact that I watched Blade: Trinity. I have mixed feelings on the 3rd installment. It is by the same director but, he changed the format up a bit. Completely different soundtrack. Some good, some bad I thought. There was more action in this one for sure. Lots of vampires bite the blade, so to speak. *G* Lots of fight scenes but, the thinner plot combined w/the new soundtrack just didn’t pack the same punch in my opinion.

I’m sure my blogger buddy Smitty, will be in heaven as Dominic Purcell turns out a pretty decent performance as the #1 bad guy of all time, Dracula. He is a hottie, that ain’t no lie. I much prefer Ryan Reynolds myself. OY! Ok, Ok, back to the topic. I got alot out of the first two. The plots were decent enough to make us forget reality for a minute mixed w/a kick ass soundtrack that kept you going thru out the flick. Don’t get me wrong, part 3 is worth the 8 or 9 bucks but, don’t expect to come away awed by it.