Blade – Trinity

In all of my rants yesterday, I was so excited about the new look of my blog, I totally forgot to bring up the fact that I watched Blade: Trinity. I have mixed feelings on the 3rd installment. It is by the same director but, he changed the format up a bit. Completely different soundtrack. Some good, some bad I thought. There was more action in this one for sure. Lots of vampires bite the blade, so to speak. *G* Lots of fight scenes but, the thinner plot combined w/the new soundtrack just didn’t pack the same punch in my opinion.

I’m sure my blogger buddy Smitty, will be in heaven as Dominic Purcell turns out a pretty decent performance as the #1 bad guy of all time, Dracula. He is a hottie, that ain’t no lie. I much prefer Ryan Reynolds myself. OY! Ok, Ok, back to the topic. I got alot out of the first two. The plots were decent enough to make us forget reality for a minute mixed w/a kick ass soundtrack that kept you going thru out the flick. Don’t get me wrong, part 3 is worth the 8 or 9 bucks but, don’t expect to come away awed by it.