Job Promo – II

Ok, well the interview went fine. Of course, you always think of a better answers afterwards. I am confident I did fine nonetheless. I was surprised to see how many people applied. On the way out, I ran into a guy who used to be a dispatcher for us and left a few years back. Guess his new gig isn’t working out so well.

The process is simple. If you meet the eligibility requirements you are added to “the list.” Your score off the oral and written interview determines how high on the list you place. Once you are placed on the list, they just work their way down as positions become available. Pretty simple huh? Right now I think there are at least 2 possibly 4 positions available.

Job Promo

Well, I’m on a little earlier than normal today. I have an interview for a supervisor’s position at work. I’m always bitching about how crappy the sup.’s are so nows my chance to change that. Basically, if you are eligible, you take a test, go thru an interview process and then you are put on a list. When a position opens up, its offered based on how well you scored on the list.

Anyway, wish me luck!

418 Brewing

Let me explain. 418 (four eighteen) is the police code in SF for a fight. Today the owner of the house, I’m moving out of, had the audacity to ask me for prorated rent for the 3 days in December that I’ll be here. (For those of you just tuning in, read the whole store here.) I guess my temper must have been brewing over the way I’m getting shafted because I let him have it! I was so riled up, at one point, I think I was actually frothing at the mouth! The nerve of that fucker! After all he has put me thru this past month. Not only am I moving out w/o making a fuss but, I’m doing it quickly. I’ve managed to find a new place again within only 15 days of my move-in.

Legally, I could stay and force his hand and not pay him a dime beyond what was originally agreed. I had thought about it but, it’s just not worth it. I like my drama to be low. If he is this two faced now, I’m not sure what to expect later on. Oh but wait, there’s more! Only 5 days after I agree to move out he is already asking me, “have you found a place yet?” Five freaking days!

SF has some really tough housing ordinances on the books and most of them favor the tenants. After reading off the numerous rental ordinances he had violated, he was not so quick to push for more money. (I rarely make idle threats) Not to mention, I’ve held up my bargain since the beginning.

Anyway, I guess I’ve been holding it in because now that it’s over I feel a lot better! My friends always tell me I’m too nice. I’m not perfect, I’ll be the first to admit it. That said, I’ve learned, the hard way, your word is the only true bond you can give someone. I try to live my life w/integrity and honesty and expect the same of others. I can say, without any hesitation, that I’ve kept up my end of the deal. Even now, I’m still a bit dumbfounded that he actually had the balls to look me in the eyes and ask for MORE money. Especially after his little speech to me about not needing to rent the house out all. Oy vey!

Well, like I said, I feel a lot better now. [Jim Carey Voice] “I have exorcised the demons!” Gotta run, I have to get packing!