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I rarely ask anything of my readers other than respect.  This time I am asking a little more.  Let me be clear, I am not above begging.  The extremist wingnuts couldn’t win with the truth so they’ve taken to lying in their festering evil attempt to write discrimination into the California State constitution. 

It is a sad day indeed when the “moral majority” has to resort to lying and deceit to win their case in the hearts & minds of everyday folk.  This is one of the most important votes of the century.  Whether you live in California or not, if you believe as I do, that two people regardless of their sex should be allowed to form stable, long-term LEGAL relationships under the law, then I urge you to help out.

Please, even if you can only donate $10, take a moment and hop over to

Say NO to Prop 8.

If 1 million people gave just $1.00 that would be one million in extra funds to fight the hate and lies being brought against us in the upcoming election.

I gave $400 of my own money today.  I decided to forgo the shiny new riding jacket I wanted.  Instead, I donated the money to the No to Prop. 8 campaign.  I make this pledge.  If enough people donate from this post to raise $1000.00, I will donate $400.00 more of my own money. 

Please, I urge you, take a moment to donate whatever you can.  Even if it is only a few dollars, every little bit helps when we act together. 

All of these fine folks have also helped out. I’ll add every link I discover to this post.

Joe my God
Bear Schmear
Mathias n Oz

5 thoughts on “Donate, Please”

  1. I just donated $50 to No on 8. I went there via your link, but I donated in the names of friends of ours who just got married there last month. And do I wish I could donate more!

    I am just blown away by your generosity.

  2. I am shocked that gay marriage has a real possibility of being overturned in liberal California. I shouldn’t be surprised. Joe Biden said a firm NO to gay marriage in the VP Debate. I think gays should spend a little more energy cracking the whip on their own Democratic leadership than just simply attacking the other political party.

    BTW — I have always thought it is CRAZY that California allows so many propositions to be voted on. How does your legislature even have time to govern? Who in the hell pays for all this “democracy” by airwaves and the ballot box? It’s crazy!

    @brettcajun ~ We interrupt your political rant (which has very little to do with the post) and return you back to the No on Prop 8 pledge drive. Oh, and Biden did say no to the term gay “marriage”. However, he ALSO stated gays/lesbians should be treated equally under the law. I have no problem with the term marriage being left to the churches.

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