While not specifically adult, this post deals with a bit of adult content. You have been warned. lol

I’m discovering having a distinctively unique tattoo makes it very easy for people to remember you. Of course, the down side to that could be, having a distinctive tattoo makes it very easy for people to remember you! lol

I’ve had several rather random occurrences since I got the ink on my arm. I thought I’d share one of the more memorable ones that happened today at the gym.

Today was cardio day. I’m done with my workout, showered, steamed, and getting dressed. There is a guy I’ve known on many occasion from Auntie bb’s (link NSFW) getting dressed not two feet from me. He never says hi to me at the gym and often looks me over once or twice and then moves on. I’ve always just assumed he was one of those guys.1 I usually get what I want from him so I could care less anyway.

Well it turns out he isn’t one of those guys. I’m getting dressed and he leans over and comments on how much he likes my tattoo. He adds, "btw, I really like the way you s*** my c*** too". After thanking him and telling him how much I also enjoy it, sheer curiosity gets the better of me. I ask him why it has taken so long for him to ’fess up’. He gets a sheepish grin on his face and admits that he has poor vision and hates wearing glasses in public.2 He further confided he never realized I was the same person until after I got the tattoo. You could have sold me for a quarter and got change back I was so surprised. I also owned up to my afore mentioned thoughts about him. We laughed and chatted for a bit longer before going our separate ways. I was running late and had to head off to work. I left with a big grin on my face though.

Oh, and we’re supposed to have a date this weekend.3 heehee

  1. You know the type. They slurp and/or bounce all over your c*** in private and then act like they don’t know you in public. []
  2. Shame on me for projecting my own issues onto him. []
  3. on a side note, are you logged in? []

10 thoughts on “Distinctive”

  1. Wow! now you don't have to sweat that first date shit i.e.-will we be compatible in bed? will we speak the same sexual language? will he have a huge cock?

    and if he's a boring windbag during dinner, you can just put two fingers to your lips, say "shhhhhhh!" and slide under the table and communicate in your accustomed way. damn! I love being gay. :@)

  2. For the longest time I didn't wear contact lenses/glasses when I much needed them, so I know what he meant.

    Sure, Moby, is it what you boys call it now adays, "date"? 😀

  3. I liked this little tale and hopefully you'll have a very fun date!

    Oh – and I've never heard the use of the phrase 'to bag cock' – but I love it, and plan on using it often.

    I'm always learning something new….

  4. How interesting. I'm what you'd call very distinctively Italian looking. Kind of hard to miss. But I've been off the market for so long that I don't have to worry.

  5. If I didn't have a BF, I would be envious of the ease at which you bag cock.

    @Tony (LT) ~ Baggin'em isn't a problem. Its holding onto one that seems to be my problem. lol

  6. On another note: that distinctive ink also makes it easier to identify the body. 🙂

    ….and on your "date" you can tell him about these newfangled things called 'contact lenses'

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