Hold Please

I’ve gotten quite a few inquiries on the non-profit I was trying to start a while back. Actually, I got quite a bit of stuff in the mail too. A big thanks to everyone who contributed, I appreciate it and your items have been ferried off accordingly. You should have received your receipts by now.

The bad news is I’ve had the job on hold for several reasons, the primary one being cost. Good lord, its pricey to form a non-profit! Not to mention incredibly confusing and tedious. The IRS code alone was 125 fraking pages! And that’s just for forming and operating one. Not having money to throw away on attorney’s to do the work for me, I read most of’em too. On a side note, I see now why churches get to act as political engines w/o fear of penalty.

I could see my out-of-pocket cost(s) quickly skyrocketing and I’m not willing to fork over that much dough in this economy. Plus, I’m still leaning toward trying to buy a condo around year end. I gotta prioritize a bit. I learned a lot and hope that I can pick it up again later on. While reading thru the tax code was a total pain, it was also very informative. It is amazing what you can legally classify as a “charity”. If the rest of our tax code is as poorly written, no wonder the greedy keep finding loopholes. If our current Prez was smart, he’d work w/Congress to have the tax code completely re-written and updated. I’m quite sure we could solve a massive amount of our national debt this way.

Anyway, I’m still doing my part. And if you are local, I can give you recommendations on where to send stuff for recycling, donating, etc. If not, I highly recommend you Google+ it before throwing your tech junk away. Not only is it tax deductible but you are doing a good deed for the planet. And frankly, our planet needs all the help it can get right now. Its frightening to realize we could see a natural disaster on a global scale caused by pollution in my life time! Every little bit helps, so do your part.