Another Dore Alley1 fair has come to a close. Everyone I talked to thought this year’s fair was a bit subdued. A quick scan of Facebook and Twitter afterwards revealed an over all consensus. For my part, I agree but it made it more enjoyable for me.

As ho hum as I was feeling earlier, I did have a good time. I even stayed beyond my normal 2 hour limit. I ended up hanging out with Chris aka @Wildcuddler from twitter and his friends @bucknsj and @puppychow79. Even better, they are both on twitter so now I get to stalk them. heehee. Seriously though, they were both very nice and made such an adorable couple. We were also joined by a tag-tail.2 but even he was sweet and I rather liked having him along.

The event itself was a bit smaller this year. And while it did get crowded, it was so nice not being jam-packed in wall-to-wall bodies with barely enough room to breath. It might sound hot but after about 15 minutes of it, you get rather annoyed. Normally, I can go the whole circuit twice and be lucky if I run into 5 people I know. Not so this time. I ran into a whole slew of friends (and bloggers) in the span of about an hour. I ran into roblog and his hot husband entering the gates. Shortly beyond that I ran into Victor from V-hold and his scruffy hubby and then Wade from beyondbuffalo. There was @repete from twitter and his hubby, several random tricks from years past and even a co-worker. lol It was a whole stream of walk, stop, flirt, chat, flirt some more, then continue on your way. I even saw my ex. I ran into my flickr buddy Andy, who I totally have the hots for. His smile is even more endearing in person. Such a sweetie he was. I could go on and on but you know I am not a name-dropper …  heh heh

There was plenty of the obvious. A grope here, a smile there, a quick chest or butt rub followed by grunts and groans.  Oh yes, it wouldn’t be Dore w/o the blatant sexual innuendo and aggression. There was one beefy guy wearing ass-less chaps that I would have followed around like a puppy had he already not had a hubby in tow. Bastard. lol

**Interjection – I’m sitting at Firewood in the hood as I write this and I’m sitting next to a group of guys who are whining about not being part of the ‘pretty crowd’ yet they can’t stop talking about all the ‘hot’ guys they saw. I’m half tempted to lean over and point out the stupidity of their conversation. Its one thing to not go and ridicule but its another thing entirely to go and then whine about it because you weren’t the center of attention. And that’s forgetting for a moment that ‘pretty’ is a subjective term at best and two, if you’ve ever been to Dore or Folsom, you know the mix of guys is amazing. You see everything; freaks, cock, boobs, piss, average, bears, muscle, hair, smooth, porn, drag, leather, sex, etc. Oh did I mention porn?3 It runs the entire gambit so going and then whining about not being ‘included’ just annoys me to no end. /rant **

Ok back on topic, sort of. I was particular struck this year by how pervasive our technology has become in our everyday lives. For my own part, I was twittering and texting at down times throughout the day. Of course, I had to stay in contact with the boy. Then there was the moto group, coworkers inquiring if my ass was hanging out, and random tweets and FB updates. I had 3 different random strangers stop me to tell me they read my blog, which tickled me to no end. (Eddy, Derrick, Paul, I told you I’d mention you!) I also met several folks who met thru the various online social sites. One might say, it was a cornucopia of interconnected web-addicts all decked out in leather, lace, and gear!

All said, it was a good event. Fun, frolic, and friends all at one time. What’s not to like?4 It was a nice end to my rather uneventful but extremely well-timed vacation as I go back to work tomorrow. I’m back on my new (old) shift which I’m very excited about.

And how was your weekend?

  1. Its officially called Up Your Alley now but locals still refer to it by its original name. []
  2. someone who attaches themselves to you or your group in the hopes of hooking up. *g* []
  3. That said, there seemed to be fewer porn boys out and about this year as well. []
  4. Oh, there will be a forthcoming ‘post’ in a few days about other activities, so you know what to do. []

5 thoughts on “Pervasive”

  1. Haha, I love it! Had a great time hanging out this weekend. You're a hoot. ~Buckie

  2. Aren't chaps sort of by definition "assless"? After all, what would be the point of chaps that did have an ass sewn in?

    I'm not sayin' I'm just sayin.

  3. Assless chaps – are there any other kind? 🙂

    Mmmmm…hot men, sunshine, sexual tension, various fetishes etc., – sounds like paradise to me.

  4. Sounds interesting enough. I just put in a resume with CBS out in San Francisco. It'll be interested if I end up getting the job.

  5. Moby,

    Technically speaking, as a venue UYA (Up Your Alley) is larger as it includes one block north, south and west of 10th St than in years past. I believe there were fewer booths than in years past, but a FSE (Folsom Street Events) official disagreed with my assessment. Although, I noted there were fewer booths in Dore Alley (probably because more condos and businesses in Dore Alley required pedestrian access).

    Also, you might have noticed that FSE security personnel were wearing brightly colored vests this year. The security people were tasked with disrupting any public sex activities. This is due to some individual from the Castro who complained about such activities. And, the police in turn telling FSE that such displays were a no-no.

    Did you notice the religious protesters? They were escorted from the 9th & Folsom St entrance to a 10 x 10 barricaded area on 10th & Folsom (just behind the sound system). Apparently, they were told that their right to protest did not include free roaming throughout the event (the venue reserves the right to locate (penned up) the protesters any where they want). Upon seeing their cage, they decided to leave the venue with a police and FSE security escort.

    As you may have noticed there were no gay porn studio booths? The downturn in the economy has meant less spending (marketing) on the fairs.

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