ManHunt = Fail

I just found out from two of my favorite reads the founder of Manhunt has given the maximum allowed donation to McCain.  He has even admitted it.  Besides being incredibly hypocritical, it reeks of the typical Republican mentality, "do as I say not as I do". 

He has the right to donate to the candidate of his choice.  I support that.  I also have the right NOT to support his business.  I can’t in good conscience do so anymore. 

You can read the full stories here and here.

Sadly, I doubt it will have much effect.  Many will just shrug and keep looking for their next trick.  I know that seems a bit cynical but most gay men think with the little head first.  I’m hoping my brothers will prove me wrong. 

If you are on Manhunt, I urge you to cancel your account AND let them know why.  Someone will pop up to take their place soon enough anyway. 

Mental Note

Using lube in the shower is probably not the best idea I’ve ever had.  I can report the lump on my head has gone down considerably.

I was trying to kill two birds w/one stone so to speak.  Apparently, I spilt some and promptly slipped and banged my head on the wall.   Mind you, the lump wasn’t severe enough to stop me.  However, I will give some considerable thought to such combos in the future. 

Back in the Saddle

Nothing like a little dirty talk to stimulate the blog numbers. lol  And I can report after 3 nights in a row of shenanigans, Mr. Happy has insisted on a break. 

In other news, it is FRIDAY!  My work day hasn’t even started yet however, I’m glad the weekend is upon me. 

I also heard a dirty rumor about my buddy brettcajun.  I can neither confirm nor deny the accuracy of said rumor however, I heard my fellow cajun might have ‘been served’ during his last tennis competition.  I fully expect Brett to give me his unbiased response. *G* 

Funny Conversation

A guy I know rather well stopped me in the ‘hood today for what started as harmless conversation.

Guy: Hey, how are you? I haven’t seen you at bbs lately, how have you been?

Me: I’m good. I still go but just w/work it tends to be very erratic.

*And here is where it gets funny* He sorta stammers here.

Guy: Can I ask you a question?

Me: Shoot.

Guy: How often do you go? To bb’s I mean?

Me: It varies based on my mood and schedule. Sometimes, I’m lucky if I go once a month but I’ve been known to go twice in the same weekend.

Guy: Oh, that is too bad cause I’d date you if you didn’t go there.

Me: No you wouldn’t.

Guy: Why?

Me: Cause I don’t date hypocrites.

*I walk away as he stammers to pick up what is left of his jawline*

I tried my best not to laugh but I think he heard me as I walked away. You have to understand, I met “guy” there and our only interaction has ever been when I happen to see him there. And considering, I see him almost every time I go, I’d be willing to bet he goes a lot more than I do. I could care less however, the audacity of his comments cracked me up. Pity too, he has a really big one.


This is the code we use at work for a stabbing victim; which is what I felt like the other day when I went down to Magnet for a routine STD test.1 I get signed in and go to the back to face the obligatory interrogation as to why I’m there. No worries, as I know all to well the burden placed on the City’s healthcare system. We make it thru the throat swab and the “bend and spread’em” swab problem free. I mean how hard is it to fuck up a swab test? Then comes the very minor, one would think, routine blood draw to test for the ugly-headed monster called syphilis. Forgetting for a moment, both of my arms are very vascular,2 the phlebotomist managed to stab completely thru a large vein. Naturally, I end up with a large hematoma afterwards. (Simply put, blood collecting under the skin) If you’ve never had one, the blood quickly dissipates however, it tends to be very unsightly and causes pain days later from the surrounding muscle tissue being irritated. So now, I look like Farrah Faucet in the ‘Burning Bed’ after she’d been thoroughly beaten by her husband. Lord, I know they don’t get paid a lot to do that job but, asking for a minute amount of competence is not pushing it in my opinion. And the real kicker was this was not the first time! It also happened on my previous pilgrimage. I wrote a stinging letter to the City Health Director as well as the Clinic Director. I guarantee you next time I go back it won’t happen again.

I called off work today. For a variety of reasons, I was not in my “happy place” and work would have been a disaster had I gone in. I did finally use the down time to get the laundry done. I don’t honestly know why I have such a mental block when it comes to laundry. I wonder if it stems from my childhood. I know, you are probably going “childhood? WTF?” Well, once when I was about 3 or 4 years old my father locked me in the dryer and turned it on for about a minute. You see, I used to climb in our dryer and hide. I had been warned countless times not to do it so I guess he thought he’d teach me a lesson. It worked too. I never ever played in the dryer again after that. No, I don’t seriously think it’s related but it is an odd coincidence don’t ya think?


In other news, my friend Matthew, who just moved to SF, got a temp. job working for a porn company. No, not as an actor or a fluffer, he is a grunt. In regular movie terms, he’d be a grip. He is all excited and couldn’t stop talking about it today over lunch. The most pressing issue on his mind was what to wear. Bless his heart. I’m sure it sounds exciting but when you actually do it, it isn’t all that it’s cracked up to be. Well, from my point of view anyway. However, I am rather jaded as I live with a porn star who I have known practically all of my adult life. And lets face it, you can’t shake a stick w/o bumping into a rising star here. (pun intended) He is getting paid a fair share for his efforts so there is a positive aspect to it. And moving from Oklahoma City to SF, I can certainly understand his excitement.

1 No, I don’t have a nasty drip just past due for my routine test.
2 A misappropriation of the word referring to large veins close to the surface of the skin.

8 Fraking Memes

Everyone knows I hate memes however, I was tagged by Kelly Stern with a follow up request from Large Tony. I like Large T’s version better and it is hard to resist a southern man who says please. Actually, this was a hard meme to do. If you read my private posts w/any regularity, there is very little I haven’t covered.

Eight Sexual Things You May Not Know About Me.

8. I consider my incredibly strong libido a vice. (One I can live with but a vice nonetheless)

7. I’ve gotten so good at giving oral most guys rarely last more than 10 minutes.

6. The first time I had sex w/a women, I vomited afterwards.

5. I am not very shy but after a few drinks I get very aggressive. After this weekend, that isn’t so much of a secret anymore.

4. If I’m intimidated by a guy, I will not get a boner now matter how hard I try.

3. I got out of a speeding ticket once by blowing the cop.

2. I got paid to have sex w/a guy once when I was only 19.

1. I had sex w/my step-brother, 2 step-cousins, and 4 jocks from my high school.

I never know who to tag so if you wanna do it, just post a comment or trackback here.

What To Do?

When you run into a fellow blogger someplace naughty do you?

a) stop everything
b) ignore him
c) say hi and go back to what you were doing.

I chose answer C last night. I think I might have come off as rude. He sorta caught me right in the middle of a oral interlude that I wasn’t willing to let go. So if you are reading this, I came back around to chat w/you but then YOU were busy.


Is it wrong to have impure thoughts about a blog buddy? I touched myself last night thinking about one and I feel so dirty today. What should I do?


Oh, if you weren’t able to see the private post while logged in, it was my fault. I turned off the plugin by mistake. All is working correctly again now.