…and continuing the gym trend

I’m just continuing the rants from Dunner and Jimbo.

I must admit, I dread going to the gym around the first of the year. Every Sam, Tom, Dick, and Harry is in the gym trying to “get back in shape” for the new year. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for getting in shape. Actually, I wish more people did. The sad truth is that most have never set foot in a gym and go about blindly unaware they making life miserable for everyone else. So, I only have just a few more jumble tips to add.

Feel free to dance your butt off to every song playing. Everyone really thinks your cool.
Feel free to sing out loud your greatest hits compilation from your ipod, cd player, etc. Your singing skills (or lack thereof) are always appreciated.
Use curt smartass remarks for anyone trying to prevent you from injuring yourself from using free weights in the most inappropriate manner possible.
And lastly, don’t bother wiping off your gallons of sweat from the benches. After all, only real men sweat and you are a man right?

Ok, was that sarcastic enough? I’m totally gym friendly and I try to respect everyone’s right to be there. However, that also includes remembering that I’m not the only person working out and maybe my actions may affect someone else. Just a thought…