Its Here!

The New Laptop

Finally! Its here. Wahoooo! You’d think I’d never seen a laptop before the way I tore thru the boxes to get in unwrapped. I know I shouldn’t be so excited over something so materialistic. You have to remember though, I’ve been putting it off for YEARS! Finally, I get what I want for a change.

Of course, I blew off the gym to spend the whole morning tweaking it, installing stuff, and getting it just right. I also realized my webcam sucks! What a crappy picture. (The ex got the digital camera in the split) Well, I can add that to the bottom of the list. Lord knows, I’ll be busy working my butt off to pay for this little gem here. I don’t mind though. It will get used alot and I promise to ring every ounce of enjoyment out of it that I can!

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