Big Corps Do A Good Deed?

So I’m channel surfing today and I see several news reports about big corporations doing “their part” to help in the relief effort overseas. First, I think channel guides are for sissys! Its amazing the things you discover channel surfing. Anyway, back to the topic. . .

So I see big Corps. like Walmart, Exxon, Pfizer Anheiser-Bush, etc jumping on board to give money. First and foremost I’m grateful they are helping out. The money and items donated will go to people in desperate need right now. However, I’m a tad shocked at how low the numbers are. Yes, we are talking millions of dollars and yes that is alot of money. Yet, I find it a bit disconcerting when Anheiser-Bush can spend 22.5 million dollars on commercials for the upcoming superbowl yet they can only come up w/a measly 2 million donation to the relief effort. I guess I should be grateful they are donating at all but I can’t help but feel just a little bit pissed off. Most of these companies haven’t really impressed me w/their donations. If anything its a ploy to drum up better business for them. After all, the publicity is sure to make their bottom lines a bit fatter. I guess I should just shutup about it. After all, any money they give is helpful.

I am happy to see all the blogs w/info and support for donations as well. Almost every blog I read daily has made mention of the tragedy and possible ways to help out. Shit, I’m flat broke right now and I coughed up a few hundred bucks along w/two boxes full of clothes and stuff. If I am doing it, how many others like me are doing the same thing? *ponders*