Laughter & Tragedy

I know I should probably be writing about the tragedy that happened overseas but everyone else is beating it to death, literally. I find myself trying to shake the bitter cold that has welled up in my heart by focusing on the good things in my life. Life has been a bit rough for me lately but, I still have a roof over my head, food in my stomach, and job to keep me in the first two. I definitely know things could be a lot worse for me. I could be left cold, alone, homeless, and afraid after a tidal wave beyond imagining wiped out everything and everyone I loved.

So I did my part by sending clothing, canned food, and even some old gadgets to help those who lost everything and then some. Did you? Take a moment to scramble up just a few pieces of unwanted items and send them

The tragedy of the last week should teach us a lesson. For all our might we are still tiny insignificant flecks of flesh in the grand scheme of things. The even harder truth is that many of those who died could have been saved by a simple warning system. Why is it that we are such a reactive society? I mean time and time again we wait for a problem to bite us square in the ass before we deal with it. You would think as “evolved” and “educated” as we like to pretend we are, we’d be much more proactive about things. Just my two cents.