Whole New Look – 2nd Edition

I have been a busy boy today. First, I decided since I liked the new blog template so much why not apply it to my old home page. It was horribly out-of-date. I am happy to report that the old site has a brand new look as well. I haven’t finished it yet so there are still a few links to the blog archives etc. I’ve always wanted my home page and my blog to blend better and I got my wish, finally. There was so much in the old template I didn’t understand I was afraid to breath while editing it sometimes. This one looks fancier, only because of the shockwave file on top. The rest is pretty basic. I say “basic” in the loosest of terms. It took me a couple of hours to figure out some of the CSS code. And there is some I still haven’t figured out yet.

Second, I was able to snatch up the mobius.name domain today. I’ve been trying to get one of the higher TLD’s (top level domains, ie. .com, .net, .org, etc) for years now w/no luck. I was ecstatic that I actually got it! (again, see afore mentioned comments about karma) It has put me in the best of moods. I’m feeling right proud of myself. *big grin*