IE Error – Fixed!

It drove me nuts until I fixed it, so I did. The blog should now display correctly in Internet Explorer. I guess there were some errors in nesting tags from the original template. (Meaning, I didn’t create the errors by adding my stuff to it, they were already there) While other browsers are apparently much more forgiving, IE is not. It has to be PERFECT. In the process, I learned a whole lot about style sheets. So not a bad trade off. I also brought back the navbar. I figure since blogger is letting me use this site for free, its the least I can do. *G*

The really good news is I now know enough about CSS (cascading style sheets) to do this on my own. I’ve already copied the flash files over to my own domain and updated the links. This way if the old site goes down or does away w/the template, I’m not screwed on my design. I also need to finish updating the old homepage. I still have bleed over links left in from the blog. I rarely give it out so its not priority #1 per say.

I guess you can say I’m a true geek. I kept waking up last night w/ideas on possible errors in the code. I literally had to force myself to sleep twice in the night. How scary is that? So long story cut short, I fixed the damn thing. Smitty will be so happy!