Dog or No Dog

So I had a call today that got me thinking. Sf tends to be a very compact city. We have lots of people everywhere. Throw domesticated animals into the mix and you are bound to have a few problems. So todays rant goes like this. . . A man is playing frisbee in a non-dog park (meaning any dogs in the park have to be on a leash). A dog runs up and bites him in a scuffle for the frisbee. The owner shows up afterwards w/o seeing what happened and is very confrontational, denies any wrong doing and flees w/the dog. The victim follows while calling 911. So the police show up and the owner is still very uncooperative even though the victim has an obvious bite to his hand/arm. Needless to say, the dog gets taken away by animal services and will probably end up euthanized. Sad, considering the animal probably wasn’t that dangerous.

My issue is with the owner. First, he invites drama by having the dog off his leash in an area where it’s clearly posted not to. Don’t get me wrong, dogs need room to run. SF has several parks specifically for dogs. Granted there aren’t many but they are located all over the city. Second, instead of just owning up to the issue and possibly avoiding having his dog taken away from him, he acts the complete ass. So now the poor dog gets to suffer for his stupidity. I think they should lock the owner up in a cage for awhile and see how he likes it.